Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ripped Denim Jeans for 2009 Fashion Trends

Everybody loves a pair of impressive Jeans. Though the ripped denim jeans didn't play a huge part of fashion scene, this spring the 90s are ruling the streets and cities with the return of ripped denim jeans. Ripped denim in 2009 is certainly sexy than dirty and revealing - possibly more than ever. We have seen celebrities who's rocking on this trend and spending hundreds of dollars on designer denim jeans. One of the few celebrities are Lindsay Lohan, Katie Holmes, Rihanna, Kate Beckinsale and many more celebrities are sporting a ripped denim jeans that gave the denim a distressed, vintage feel.Basically, the placed tears are revealing lots of skin on the runways and on the city streets. If you want to follow this trend you don’t need to take this trend to the extreme. There are so many alternatives on this trend. However, if you really want to look like the celebrities you can actually recycled whatever Jeans you have in your wardword. You can cut your old jeans to become a ripped denim short that truly make the look, and let the fringes from cuts hang. If you don't want to cut it just let the jeans and put the hole where you want it, but the best area to put the tears and the hole on knee and thigh. Avoid cutting it too much that you'll look like you are attack by a pair of pittbulls.

To finish the look you can pair your ripped denim jeans with feminine print tops, beaded jackets,a simple tee-shirt ralph lauren or a ruffled blouse for a funky look that’s both feminine and edgy. This ripped denim trend is all about exuding confidence and style. And you can wear them dressed up with heels,flip flops,gladiator or with some sexy summer sandals. Slip into a pair of fashionably ripped denim jeans and show off your liberated sense of style.