Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ungaro Upset

LINDSAY LOHAN has run into yet more criticism following her artistic advisor debut at the house of Emanuel Ungaro - this time from Mr Emanuel Ungaro, the original designer himself.

According to INDEPENDENT.CO.UK, Ungaro - who retired from the label in 2004 - this week told local press at an international film festival in Estoril, near Lisbon, that the actress' "collaboration was a disaster".

"I am furious but I can't do anything about it," the designer said, noting that he feared the fashion house was "in the process of losing its soul".

"This happens to a lot of designers, we were the creators and patrons, responsible for the creation and destiny of our houses. But when we gave up our houses, we gave up our soul," he added.

Just last month Giambattista Valli, former director at Ungaro, confessed how he, too, was unimpressed with Lohan's efforts. He told The Daily: "An actress ought to be an actress, and a fashion designer ought to be a fashion designer. These are their own professions, so everybody ought to concentrate on one thing. I chose, in my life, to be a fashion designer."

Meanwhile, Lohan seems unfazed - having told Sunday Times: "Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I didn't expect everyone to be completely loving the collection."





Estethica Advice

ADA ZANDITON, Christopher Raeburn, Goodone, Minna, Nina Dolcetti and The North Circular have been selected as the designers to benefit from the British Fashion Council's new Eco Fashion Mentor Programme.

With the aim to increase opportunities for ethical designers in the mainstream fashion market, the initiative is supported by the London Development Agency. Three industry mentors - brand consultants Susanne Tide-Frater, Yasmin Sewell and buying consultant Bev Malik - will offer advice and support, play an active role with the brands' development and help edit the designers' displays at London Fashion Week.

"I am delighted to contribute to delivering a 360-degree support to estethica's mentoring scheme in its aim to involve ethical fashion stars in London," says Malik.

Founded four years ago by the British Fashion Council, estethica works to showcase the work of designers committed to working eco-sustainably and all designers who showcase have to adhere to at least one of the principles of fair trade, organic or recycling practise

"Introducing this expert mentoring scheme is very important to the British Fashion Council and we strongly believe that it will assist these businesses to strengthen their collections to compete in the mainstream," says Caroline Rush, joint chief executive of the British Fashion Council.

For further information regarding London Fashion Week, visit

YOU SHOULD SEE: All the action from this season's London Fashion Week...


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Fashion Discount List

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Monochrome Dress Trends

One of the few trends in women fashion is monochrome dress. Why, because it s one of the most simplest, most chic and fashionable looks that fits any season. Monochrome will certainly catch an attention when it is done well. Yes, each of us ladies wanted to dress up and look brilliant. Most ladies do their best and really they made an effort to find some stylish designer clothing.

Monochrome is easy for creating a fairly effortless travel wardrobe, and it can be given the lift of the moment with a bright accessory taken straight from the latest colour trend chart. Black and white is so simple. One is the very apex of colour, the other the complete absence of colour. You can alternate the all black or all white garments with the opposite contrasting accessories. Something as simple as black and white can make a statement on its own and the contrast in the two colours stand out. The basic art of monochrome was certainly one of the most influential fashion movements of the 20th century, and it seems like designers and the public can’t get enough of the penguin palette.Designer like Donna Karan, normally associated with minimalist and monochrome clothes. Black and white was suddenly one of the chicest combinations the fashion world had ever seen. Maybe that's the reason why monochrome keeps coming back into the High Street year after year because of it's "mystifying" glamour to its minimalism.

Modern monochrome is seen everywhere from runways in New York, Milan and Paris to the side streets of Buenos Aires, Melbourne etc. It is the safest choice for evening outfit for both men and women, and many male friends swear by a simple black suit with a white shirt for a first date.

If you don't have a lot of cash to splash around, black with white monochrome fashion look is classic, and the perfect choice for a good investment piece because it can be worn on so many different occasions and always gives you a simple but chic look. This season in particular, black and white dresses and tunics are in abundance which you can either wear alone, with black leggings or straight or skinny jeans. There are some gorgeous blouses and skirts around too if you don't want to cover yourself head to toe in monochrome and of

course the look wouldn't be complete without the accessories. Black and white heels can really make a statement on their own and if you really love the monochrome look, you can complete the look with an array of bangles, shoes, belts, handbags and other pieces of jewelery.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Different Types of Jeans

Jeans is one of the perfect addition to your wardrobe. But, Buying jeans is one of the crucial thing for women compared to men because men can buy their jeans even if their eyes are closed. They know if it fits perfectly with them. However, there's no need for us women to get frustrated because "No matter your shape or size", there is a perfect jean for you. Nowadays, we can find the jeans that will hug our body in all the right places. Although, every seasons all the cuts or fits of jeans change because of Changing fashion trends.

Jeans are now considered as one of the very popular form of casual dress around the world, and have been so for decades. They come in many styles and colors; however, "blue jeans" are particularly identified with American culture, especially the American Old West.

Here are the different types of Jeans that women have and it may give you an idea to find a perfect pair of jeans.

Skinny Jeans - it is a tight jeans that fit closely around the leg. You'll look chic if you are wearing it but it is great if you have a a perfect shape and slim figure mostly especially even better with longer legs. It looks awesome if you wear it with heels or knee high boots.
Flare Cut Jeans - the flared cut jeans is narrow at the thigh and knee, and then widens at the calf. It is one of the most sought jeans by all celebrities maybe because it never out of style and it is common to wear at any occasions. It is perfect for balancing a curvy figure nd athletic thighs, making your legs look ludicrously long and giving you an elegant outline. High heels and stilettos are other most befitting footwear.
Bootcut Jeans - This jean cut runs straight at the thigh but flares just a little near the ankles. This boot cut is sometimes called as flare cut, but it’s less roomy at the ankle part. The boot cut is tapered to the knee and are slim in the thigh area but is made slightly wider from the knee down to the hem in order to accommodate a person’s boots without bunching up.The perfect length for bootcut jeans is just skimming your shoes. You can trick everyone into thinking you have supermodel-length legs.
Straight Jeans - Straight cut is a kind of jeans which the circumference of their legs is consistent from the hip down to the leg. This type of jeans is classic but it has set some conditions for those who are fond of it. It does not go wide at the calf or ankles.
High Waisted Jeans - The waist is higher than normal. You can benefit from a corset like effect so they are good for trimming your stomach and giving the illusion of longer slender legs. It makes your Butt look bigger and tummy smaller! This jeans is absolutely adorable. Denim Perfection! Not only that, the high waist style is super hip and sexy! So elated.
Wide Legs Jeans or Bell Bottom - This was very popular fashion trends in the years of 60's to 70's. It is fitted tightly at the hips and loose from the knee downwards whilst flaring from the thigh which is perfect for hiding larger thighs. You can wear with heels to lengthen your legs for maximum effect. Suitable for all body styles and great for hiding a not-so-perfect legs.
Boyfriend Jeans - For the ultimate in comfort head for the boyfriend style with the added bonus of hiding a not so perfect bum and thighs. It shows on how men usually wear their jeans but with a feminine touch.

CUFFED JEANS - jeans that is folded at the end. Cuffed flare jeans are the fashion silhouette of the season...and so flattering. Balance your silhouette. It first appeared on the US fashion in the 1950's. Cuffing your jeans can add a bit more flare and a different look for some variety in your jeans wearing. It can be paired with anything from high heels to flats, depending on the occasion. You can pair is with any designer clothing such as tops either fitted or loss. Keep fresh layering and simple but avoid bulky ralph lauren sweater of anything that falls below the hip or above the waist.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Blue is the New Black: Spring/Summer 2010 Collection

Blue has more life and more depth than black because it is the color of the sky on a moonlit night. It is mysterious, moody, classic, timeless, calming, and refreshing. It is charming, classy and elegant when contrasted with pure white Polo Ralph Lauren shirt.

We can conclude this at New York Week for Spring 2010. Blue remains timeless. It can be bold or quiet. Color communicates and transmit a vibe and I believe all the designers now has a feeling for a free spirit. I have completely fallen for the gorgeous colour of these designer clothing where blues is the color of the spring 2010 collection. This blue designer clothing collections are are giving women a good reason to get in shape.

There was a lot of energy overall which created excitement for the new year. This Spring/Summer collection made me feel like a kid. It was fresh, colorful, funky, youthful, I'm imagining how those pro black will react - It will surely overwhelm them or it might be an eye opening for all fashionista.

What do you think of the little blue dress? Will it replace your little black dress? Let us know in comments!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Diverstiy of Body Sizes and Shapes in Fashion

For centuries, women have tortured, starved themselves in the hope of reaching the idea of perfect body size to be called sexy. We can see on the Catwalk, Runways all models are showcasing all the shapes, sizes and ages and we thought that's the healthy and natural for a women. However, after the death of Brazilian models on 2006 all thin & skinny models has been banned on the catwalks and runways in favour of realistic body sizes. A totally drastic change. Of course, each of us wanted to have a healthy and shall we say a perfect and sexy body. That's why there are so many cosmetic surgery if one wants to repair a not perfect part of her body, but, not everyone has money to undergo such procedure.
Let's be realistic, no matter how big or small you are, you should be able to look, feel and dress like a model depend on how you carry yourself. That's what we call fashion. With FASHION designer clothing you don't need to preoccupy yourself by thinking you are too skinny, your butt is so big, you have a small or big breast. Keep in mind that nobody is perfect. Those supermodel we idolize think how many rice cake they drop. That's why we have to be thankful to the designers who banned the skinny models and promote the healthy and a full body girls on the catwalk because they realize that fashion designer clothing comes in all different sizes, shapes and styles. It is impossible to find a great and perfect fit, no matter what.


The hourglass shape is curvy overall, with a defined waist. Your hips and shoulders are similar width with a medium to large bust. You have fleshy upper arms of average size. Your legs are full at the thighs and rear, while your lower legs are slim and shapely.

If you have the hourglass shape you can wear a V-neck dress to enhance the bust and pair it with colored pants or skirt to draw the attentions upward and minimize the hips. The dark color is also flattering because it emphasizes the waistline and minimizes hips.


Also called a pear shape, women with a triangle shape have more prominent hips, thighs and rear, and less prominent shoulders and bust. They also have a defined waist, and average to large legs. A woman with a pear shape body have a bust that is smaller than their lower half, and full round fleshy buttocks that are sometimes flat.

If you have the pear shape the pants is perfect because it flatter your Pear figure with wide legs that balance the wider hips and thighs. The square neckline of the top will broaden your shoulders that emphasize a defined waistline. Also, the light color draws attention upwards.

If your bust, waist and hips are similar size, then you have an oval, or apple, shape. This shape is also characterized by a small bust, slim arms and legs, an undefined waist, and square hips. Most of the weight is carried in the middle and upper torso. The legs are slender and arms are thin. The bust is larger than the hips are the buttocks are flat.

The perfect dress for an Oval shape is the asymmetrical style because it draws attention away from the mid section and the dress flatters the wide neckline that lengthens the neck detailing that draws the attention upwards. It is more awesome if you wear a knee length skirt or pencil cut because it flatters the oval shapely legs.

Women with an inverted triangle shape have a full bust, waist and upper back. They are less full in the hips, and have a flat rear. They also have a pronounced tummy and midriff, and slim arms and legs. They have a top heavy appearance, with broad shoulders and a full bust. The bust is larger than the hips. The hips, thighs, buttocks and lower legs are smaller in proportion to the upper half.

If you have the inverted triangle shape boot cut pants are fabulous and chic for women because it shows the shapely legs and balance the upper and lower torso. To balance the overall look, you can wear a lighter color on botton.
The great thing now, is that many designers now such as Ralph Lauren are starting to recognize the value of designing clothes that suit to all sizes, shapes and ages. Today, no matter what's your size and body build you will finally find a beautiful, fashionable and attractive clothing that fits to your needs.

Now, we don't need to worry if we don't have like the models size because what is necessary and main thing is model can convey an attitude and confidence, regardless of the size. Fashions isn't for skinny models anymore, it is for men and women with different sizes and shapes.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Men's Fashion Trends

The right look & dress often give the impression and it is difference between gaining respect. If a man is fashionable and stylish he knows how to ensure his style, the clothes that suit his age, the size and the color that match his skin tone. Also, he knows how to mix and match with more classic looks that give's him a perfet personality not a disaster style like an idiot or a trying hard. Today, Men are becoming more and more conscious of what they wear.

Fashion ideas can be adapted to suit every ones personal requirements and can end up looking even hotter than the male models we see working the catwalks. Fashion rules are now so simple this day that even the style idiot can make an honest attempt at looking fashionable by recognizing the DO's and DONT's.
First, choose a garments that fit properly. Don't try to squiz into sizes that are too small. Another thing always have a pair of black jeans or trouser in your wardrobe because it can match in any oufit. To add a relaxed look simply team with a colorful t shirt design and a pair of comfortable but smart pair of shoes. Shoes are one of the first thing people notice therefore, make sure the shoes are right and clean.
Secondly, a jacket can define any men style. It can be worn over a shirt adorned with a tire and it will give a sense of sophistication. This fall leather jacket is staple item in any man's wardrobe. The weathered leather bomber by Ralph Lauren is really cool in which you can thrown over a casual top with the buttons left undone will make you look stylish but comfortable.This is a good look on a first date for instance.
This fall season the eternal game of one-upmanship called Fashion , the look has been taken to a new extreme. Solidly colored pants, sweaters and blazers - in tangerine, lemon, viridian, magenta, royal blue - have raised the stakes, and some men are, to retailers' surprise, taking the bet. Today's most sophisticated men's designers like Polo Ralph Lauren, Bergdorf Goodman Men, Barneys New York think twice before desgining if " Guys really going to buy".

Now, fashion is done with every male in mind but the simple trick is to make it work well. Don't be afraid to mix and match, and bend the rules slightly if it makes you look sophisticated and feel better. Remember to keep the style that suit you as a unique person.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pearl Jewelry

Pearl jewelry has been popular for centuries and they are describe as classical, stylish and timeless. Wearing pearls make you look elegant and beautiful because pearls has been described as a symbol of beauty and perfection. This spherical jewels from the sea have not only been sought for perfection but have become forever embellished in myths and literature. Pearls are used many times throughout literature being compared to as tears, the treasures of the oceans, and have become almost inseparable with a classic woman's loveliness and adornments. In the late fifteen hundred one of the well known pearl collectress is Mary Queen of Scots which have more than 600 pearls collection. Queen Elizabeth adorned herself with the gems on the day of her wedding, a tradition which has transcended many years and generations. In the literature pearls are being compared to tears, treasures of the ocean, and inseparable with a classic woman's loveliness and adornments.

Pearls formed naturally and the most rare, it take hundred of years to make a pearl, so scarce that most of the spherical gems are cultivated, harvested by human intervention. The beauty and value of the pearl is determined by the luster, size, symmetry and color. The most expensive pearls are perfectly round which is hard to find. Freshwater significantly less than any varieties of pearls because it is the most common type of pearl type. There are several types of pearl like White South Sea pearls which can be found in Myanmar and Indonesia, normally their color is blue, yellow and black, Tahitian pearls are very rare and are unique because the black gems such as this are so unique in color, shape, size and it will take hundred years before you can find a similar pearls. Natural pearls are among the rarest and considered to be completely natural as they take place without the interference of human being. The Akoya pearls which can be found in the East of Japan and China normally their color are white, rose, cream, green and can be used as a chic and fashionable jewelry.

Pearl jewelry will never go out of style. It is always a classy and a traditional wardrobe accessory that will never disappoint. Pearl Jewellery can be worn on any occasion. It is light, inexpensive and really beautiful.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Emmy Fashion Award 2009

With this 61st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards we can check out all the designer clothes/gowns of our favorite celebrities. All the stars are shining on the red carpet and of course some of the outfit that needed to throw into jail for crimes against fashion.

Here are one of the best clothes:

Olivia Wilde

Olivia wearing a sexy cut-outs and the dress looks like there's a running water on the dress.

Leighton Meester
She look like a Roman godess, gorgeous in a white gown and a red lips.

January Jones
January is one of the few women who can bring this dress so chic, hot and sexy Versace dress.

Sandra Oh-
stunning in her elegant gold gown that hugs her figure in all the right places.

Drew Barrymore
Drew's look like she owns the red carpet by her Monique Lhullier simple, yet eye-catching dress.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Eco Fashion Clothing

With this global warming we are experiencing almost everyone are concerned about the state our environment. That's why everyone are working hand in hand to save the mother earth by recycling, especially eco friendly clothing. Organic clothing and recycled clothing are a nice way to treat our mother earth because we see what is going on in this world at the same time we can still be fashionable.

Many designers now like Oscar de la Renta and Proenza Schouler are embracing and propagating the eco fashion clothing and this could be led by creating an organic beauty products , I guess. Many of us are more concerned on buying designer clothing for style and confort but by this eco friendly fashion we can still get what our heart desire when we go shopping. So, it means we don't need to sacrifice our style and vices:)

Many of us are more concerned on buying designer clothing for style and comfort but by this eco friendly fashion we can still get what our heart desire when we go shopping. So, it means we don't need to sacrifice our style and vices:)

Although the world has a long way to be cured and returned to it's normal way but just think of the little thing we can help the eco system. Therefore, let's walk hand in hand together - let's be kind to our planet above all get in touch

Friday, October 9, 2009

Ladies Office Shirt Wear

The chic and funky ladies business Shirt ensures function with style for any business promotion events. Shirt is one of the casual dress and classic chic that rarely outdates unless you are sensitive of every season trend. If you have confidence even if you think that the shirt was 10 years out of date still you'll look businesslike and authoritative. But of course the quality of what we are wearing always count, like for example if you are wearing a designer clothes like Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacob, and a lot more. We need to always invest on our "LOOK". The colorings and styles any designer clothing such as Polo Ralph Lauren shirt is something you can wear for a lifetime.

Shirt is considered as a fashion revival and it's not only perfect for the office but also an excellent choice for evening and casual wear. The shirt is perfect if you combo with pencil skirt, with slacks, pants or even with a classic jeans which I highly recommended because the shirt statement speak highly for itself. However, make sure the shirt fits you to avoid a fashion victim and also remember to choose a style and cut that flatters your body shape.

Dressing well is all about compromises. Start investing on designer clothing that will last for 4-10 years. Polo shirt is a wonderful substitute which brings the users comfort and durability. The polo has a maximum effect when it is worn casually. These shirts suit pretty much every need and style while the prices differ as per the quality you desire and the polo shirt availability is quite impressive and it is practically impossible for you not to find something that matches your style and your budget.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wearing a Plus Size Dress

Fashion today is more advanced as the fast innovation happen in world, it is also flourishing in different aspect. Most of the designers are now getting aware to solved thousands of plus size women problem because they realized that most women are not a walking hangers. Therefore, they created a sexy, elegant cocktail dresses that are available for those who want to look chic and fantastic at the party.

Today plus size women no need to be upset because plus size cocktail dresses are seemed to be in all shapes and sizes, they are not gowns having maximum length. Don't think only petite women has the right to wear cocktail dress because it is absolutely wrong, Fashion is all about having the right dress at right time but it is also an Attitude. It order to look good, you need to feel good about yourself. Don't concentrate only for dresses, focus on the entire look you'll achieve. Being sexy, elegant, glamorous and HOT.

To attain the glamorous style you need to buy an inexpensive plus size evening gowns. Today buying a designer clothing and cocktail dresses are just a mouse click away. You can find perfect evening dress online by visiting any fashion stores online and if you are not busy you can visit drive through your nearest store. However, you can have a wide selection on the internet of perfect plus size evening gown , plus you can save time, energy and above all you can save your gasoline.

When buying an evening dresses always remember to choose a color that suits your skin tone because there are so many colors available like red, purple, black, pink, blue, orange, white and the like. This is a good news for plus size women that today they can have a large options for evening dresses. It is the time to shine their individual style and personality. Before buying go through first it's various styles and decide which is the perfect one and suitable for you.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The World of Fashion Industry

The world of fashion always appeared glamorous, a wonderful world where all the designers show their collection at the Runway and fashion week. It is one of the most versatile industries in the world and the only business that the rest of the world eyes set, waiting to see some new style, fashion advice and their new creations to offer.

In the world of Fashion there are four "Fashion capitals". New York, Milan, Paris, and London. Every fashion week, runway & catwalk one of these cities host the event. The said fashion capitals are home to some of the most popular and most successful designers like Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacob, Dolce & Gabbana, Yves Laurent and many more. These designers set the trends and create the most sought designer clothing, looks and pieces in the fashion industry. These designers and their brands has given the great impact and influence on what we wear today.

The world of fashion has undergone several changes in every ramification. Especially on the issue of Black models. Despite all the hot discussions regarding discrimination in the fashion world, there has been little improvement. Well, the world is not only for white people. Therefore, there should not be a color issue within the fashion industry.

Since the late 1990's, there have been a movement in the world of high fashion back towards classic and vintage looks. Thus, the designer fashion industry does have great influence to the world because it onloy takes a supermodel to grace and be seen deadly gorgeous on the runway or catwalk show. Today the fashion world is moving fast like a roller coaster. This is because of the invention of the invention of the internet, the world of fashion has risen to greater height.

Today, the fashion world has diversified into so many branches. There is the section for the designers. There is also the section for the fashion merchants. There is also the educational arm of the fashion world. Most importantly, there is the realm of the originators who create new products from time to time. Still yet, there is the modeling agencies of fashion where young ladies and gentlemen earn a living by showcasing the latest trends in the fashion world.

Perhaps the greatest phenomenon that has happened to the world of fashion is the advent of fashion networking communities and fashion online shops. There are so many of them online. Fashion networking sites brings a lot of people together into one family irrespective of where you are residing. On the other hand the fashion online stores help you to secure any product as fast as possible.

In all, the fashion industry world is still evolving. The future holds a lot for us.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

How Jeans Evolved?

Jeans have evolved into a high fashion statement. This fabric phenomenon started on the 18th centuries. It has been used by the slave labour because the material was very strong and it did not wear out easily. With the increase in the practices of trade, slave labor and cotton plantations. Jeans cloth was made completely from cotton. Immigrant Jacob Davis and Levi (leob) Strauss invented the blue jeans on 1873 and it is now the most popular clothing product in the world.

Historically, in 1600's way back in England the fabric there was called "Denim", Denim is one of the most world's oldest fabrics, yet it remains perpetually young. Today, we call it "Jeans". enim probably originated from a fabric from Nimmes, France (serge de Nimmes means "of Nimmes" -- which became denim.
Started in the 1940s, all has been changed. The status associated with denim began to shift, and what was once a purely American cowboys, railroad workers and farmers garment evolved into a range of compelling fashion statements. First through the popularity of the western cowboy films, and then because of rebellious rock and roll idols, denim came to represent youth, sexual freedom, and progressive culture. Europeans took note, and began to import the American-made fashion in the 1950s. After WWII, jeans evolved into rebel wear for teens and then for the hippies. The '70s saw an explosion of styles and fabric treatments; the '80s brought designer denim.

Jeans paired with t- Shirt or casual dress

I wear Jeans to the office, out for a date, games, launch with a friends and for a night out in town because they are easy to wear and as easy to dress up with Jackets, a cardigan and a pair of hells or even a flip flops. Jeans or Denim evolved from a garment associated exclusively with hard work. What began as a slave laborer, a miner uniform has transformed into the hottest and fashionable items on the market. It is now become a status symbol. That's why it is always important to know what to look for in a pair of Jeans.
Jeans have been designed to show off the leg and butt hence, it should be sexy, versatile and above all comfortable.

Nowadays, jeans are the stuff of high-end designer clothing when famous designers started their own styles of jeans with their own labels.

Marc by Marc Jacobs, Jill Stuart, Ralph Lauren, D & G (Dolce & Gabbana), : these designers and many more don't think this sturdy fabric is too humble for the catwalk.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

How to Look and Dress Younger?

Accept is or not, Everyone nowadays wanted to look younger, and who is not? The more we get older the more the intense desire to look younger. Everytime we face in the mirror we are worried that there might be some wrinkles started on our face. Of course nobody wanted to get older, let face it deep in our hearts we still longing to be eighteen again. Fortunately, there's always something to do to help you look more younger- That is CHANGE the way you dress. And your wardrobe needs a makeover every season. Get some clothes even it is not a designer clothing as long as you feel comfortable, fashionable and the dress that make you smart but youthful as well.

1. It is important before going out for shopping to browse some of fashion magazine to see what is the latest trends. Magazine are always the great place to research what is in and what will work for you, Also take note on what the celebrities are wearing. We have seen many celebrities who are on their mid thirties or 40's and they all still look chic and fabulous.

2. Always make sure that your fashion statement should be elegant not a "trying hard or wannabe" and totally inappropriate for your age.

3. While you are in the department store just look at the mannequins are wearing because they are the mirror on what is the latest style and hottest trend. or the best way is to ask the sales lady to recommend an outfits for you because most of them are good on assessing clothes based on how they look at your personality & skin tone since they mingle with lots of customers everyday.

4. Lastly, avoid buying clothes that look old and dull colors. Don't go to the Misses section were fashion maybe in style but will tend to have an older look. Keep track of the current trends in fashion and have at least one hot and popular item in your closet.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Ralph Lauren Clothing is the Hottest Trend in Fashion Style Today!

Obviously designer clothing like Ralph Lauren has become one of the hottest clothes for all season especially in 2009. Ralph Lauren has taken it to the next level by including the high tech fabric in their collections. See it at Therefore, it is understandable how the Ralph Lauren look caught everybody especially the attention of celebrities. Obviously, all of these would not be possible without his ingenuity and all of his designs and collection denotes a sense of down to earth realism that life isn't all about play. Not to mention his intense capability to create a desire for his style in the marketplace especially with this economy he used the recession as part of his inspiration to create an amazing & classic collections. The overall vibe was classic, elegant and inspiring.
Style isn’t everything to Polo Ralph Lauren clothing -comfort, elegance and quality plays a vast factor role. We have seen celebrities wearing Ralph Lauren like Angelina Jolie, Blake Lively, Megan Fox, hunk - Nacho Figueras, and many others. Obviously he specialize a Polo shirts. This is where his (Ralph Lauren) talent lie. Polo Ralph Lauren is one of the sought designer clothes because you can own it in a lifetime. The color and cut of the clothes are timeless, they can never go out of fahion and it is a very good fashion investment for every wardrobe. Especially this Fall/Winter season Ralph Lauren designs aim to please the upper crust, country club type, but the fashions are versatile enough to suit many types of style. The Ralph Lauren Polo line has a few shawl sweaters and cardigans, where the collar and neck line resemble the look of a wool scarf, serving a dual purpose of style and warmth. Obviously Ralph Lauren are all very much trend and will serve you very well on all season.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fashionable Women Jackets for Fall

I think each of us wanted to be fashionable, sophisticated and wanted to stand out on the crowd when talk about fashion.
Every season women jackets change but it never go out of fashion the classical style. The women jackets has so many styles, types, designs and colors. Collecting some designer jackets are really something, especially if you don't want to stick with the boring kind of jackets.

Some popular names with great jackets now are Ralph Lauren, Massimo, Armani, Stone Island, Prada, and Michael Kors. These jackets are usually very plain, but they'll definitely help you stand out. If you're going for a rocker & rugged look, accompany these jackets with skinny jeans or leggings. Wear with heels. dynamite leather biker boots. Although this isn't a look that will win points at the office, it's a great way to express your free spirited side when you let loose on the weekends for a trendy look. For prepster look Polo Ralph Lauren focus on layering. Pair an oversized jacket with a belt for a chicer look! Wide belts are cool, but skinny belts are also in this season!

For a more feminine touch the key is the power of contrast. Play your jacket with a chic floral dress and a pair of a stylish boots, the look will be certainly very feminine with a high fashion edge and this is perfect if you are going for a late afternoon launch. You don't need to be in twenties to carry this look. I imagine this look is good on all ages. And as the weather gets colder the jacket has had its moment. hence, the hottest fashion piece this fall is the jacket/coat. Whether it be a manly blazer, military style, peacoat or trench; the humble coat is having a defining moment this fall and winter. For certain this is the piece that you would love for your wardrobe this fall.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cocktail Dresses for Heavy Women

Cocktail dress is one of the versatile dresses that were designed to wear in any big occasions. Traditionally, cocktail dresses are just for formal evening or special evening event or any party and the only required color for a cocktail dress, but we know that most designers have taken this dresses to a higher dimension. Nowadays, we can see many women wearing cocktail dresses on any occasion depend on the cut and the material of the dress and the accessorries combo with it. We can see women wearing cocktail dress in red, blue, or pink if you want to stand in the crowd.

One of the most important thing to consider when selecting a cocktail dress is your body type. Let's face it; most of us are not blessed with a supermodel body. Therefore, If you are one of those women that considered to be a top heavy or bottom heavy - it is a must to emphasize your cleavage and your legs. Wear a cocktail dress that is more revealing if your focus is your cleavage. It is more sexier and fashionable to show some of your cleavage. A plunging neckline or a low V-cut will do some trick. But if you prefer to emphasize both your legs and your cleavage, a short cocktail dress that has a plunging neckline will do. However, if your focus is just your legs, you can draw attention by wearing a solid color because it help to give an illusion. A short and sassy cocktail dress rule and sexy.

Accessories will also help to balance the illusion of your body. It is necessary to complete the look. Create your own style, remember confidence on what you wear and the inner beauty will shine through.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wearing a Skirt

Not all women has the confidence to wear a skirt. Well, let's face it. I myself is not confident wearing long skirt but I love wearing miniskirt because I felt it is appropriate on my legs and I look more sexier. But there are many styles that look good and effortless styles on all shapes if we can carry it. There's no reason for us women not to wear a lovely skirt, whether it is long or short. All kinds of skirt looks stylish, very fashionable and elegant on all women with different shapes and sizes. Above all they are easy to wear. Skirt are one of the fierce and fabulous fashion items that never ran out of fashion style and keep on returning every seasons especially during summer.

Here are some cool tips on wearing Skirt:

Know what style of skirt is correct for your age, because it look ridiculous seeing a woman wearing something that is inappropriate to her age.

1. Draw attention to your Legs.
Not all of us a re blessed with perfect legs with skinny and long. If you have some bruises, blemishes, stretchmarks or ingrown hair you can simply wear sheer or opaque tights, leggings or stockings to cover them. If you don't want to wear stockings, blend some sheer highlighting powder or lotion up the front of your legs.

2. To look Curvier
A fitted knee length pencil cut will look great and sophisticated. It is an item that every women should have on her closet. Whether you dress it up, or go for something more casual, pencil skirts can be very figure flattering if worn and accessorized properly
3. When wearing a long Skirt
When selecting a long skirt, choose one that's straight at the hips but flares slightly towards the bottom. Don't go with ultra high heels with a long skirt because high heels tend to throw the proportion of the outfit. Look for straighter skirts that hug your body for a more slimming effect. Pair a dressy fabric with a plain ralph lauren T-shirt for a fresh, yet unexpected, twist.

4. Wearing a Skirt with Tank or T-shirt
A skirt is always functional and versatile! It would look great with a tank top and heels at a party because it provides the look on how it can be worn casually. Whether your favorite v-neck -plain or printed shirt or tank is tuck on your skirt, throw on a long sweater, and slip into some flats for a look that is comfortable, yet totally chic.

5. Fancy Skirt for a Party
A ruffled trim creates an stunning party dress silhouette. The more volume the better.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Womens Ski Clothing

If you want an outdoor sport that requires an appropriate gear, Ski pants is a must to keep you warm and comfortable because it is basic in sport to wear the proper attire. For those women who are serious about ski sport it is more important for them the function but of course they also want to be fashionable to look good on the slopes. Mostly women's ski pants are designed to fit the slightly big & wider female hips. Therefore, women these days do not need to worry because the two factors when it comes on choosing their ski pants are now integrate with excellent functionality with a superb fashion design and perception.

According to Mr. Fagan of Polo Sport "It's important to be functional." When people come to Ralph Lauren to buy ski clothes, they tend to be skeptical about a designer doing this. Although Polo Ralph Lauren is a newcomer to ski wear but as it was expected the designer clothes are highly sophisticated. There are sleek cat suits for women and leather parkas for men. And the most important thing function & fashion are not neglected.

Ski Women Jackets

Women always want the best when it comes to their gear. They often consider on how they will look on the slope. But not only being fashionable, women also consider the quality, functionality and the versality of these ski jackets. Like any other ladies wear, women ski jacket also come in a multitude of style & design that you can choose from. The main purpose is to keep you dry, warm, and comfortable during a full day of skiing.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pantone Fashion Color Trend for Spring 2010

Designers bring the playful spring 2010 for an endless experimentation and creative combination of COLORS. With the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York, and designers released their Spring 2010 designer clothes collections, Pantone, the expert in global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries has officially announced the 2010 fashion color report. The Color report of Pantone for Spring 2010 features the top 10 colors for womens. Such as: turquoise, tomato puree, fusion coral, violet, Tuscany, aurora, mparo blue, pink champagne, dried herb and eucalyptus.
"Now more than ever, women are vigilant when it comes to spending," said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. "Instead of reinventing their wardrobe at the start of each season, consumers want pieces to complement what they already own. Pairing a bold color with a basic piece or freshening up their look with bright accents addresses the need for practicality, as well as fun." The colors of the season can easily be mixed and combined together to create new looks. According to this spring report, Vibrant brights adds the palette perfectly reflects the cheerfulness of the season, Stabilizing the three neutrals round out the palette to create unique, distinctive looks are the basis for a great spring and summer wardrobe.”
Spring and summer naturally evoke feelings of calm, magic that gives the ability to imagine and to change.

1. Amparo Blue - a brighter blue references the ocean & tropical beaches
2. Tropical Turquoise - a brighter, more energetic cousin to crisp navy, round out the blue family with purplish Violet.
3. Sunshine, Aurora yellow -shimmery, & greenish aurora.
4. Fusion Coral - bold and provocative fusion coral.
5. Romantic Violet is reminiscent of Spring blooming
6. Tomato Puree Red
7. Neutrals are comforting but luxurious like the new “bubbly luxury" of Pink Champagne - a dusty rose.
8. Tuscany, a warm beige perfect with Coral or Violet
9. Dried Herb green neutral
10. Cool Eucalyptus - a timeless gray .

Visit to more about Color report for Spring 2010.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Women's HairStyles for Fall 2009

Everyone talks and cares about fashion. Now that summer is finally over it is the best time for us women to upgrade and keep our summer designer clothing think about the brand new hairstyle for fall/winter season. We have seen some great hair style on the runways. This fall 2009 we will notice some hair style that are completely radical and exciting changes however, some of the hair style don't disappear. We can see that some of the fashion hairstyle are from the past trends, we will now see the resurgence this fall 2009.

Many of hairstyle are going to be seen on the front covers of magazines this 2009 fall and not all of them will look great on everyone. So one must choose the hairstyle which suits her appearance and interest.