Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cocktail Dresses for Heavy Women

Cocktail dress is one of the versatile dresses that were designed to wear in any big occasions. Traditionally, cocktail dresses are just for formal evening or special evening event or any party and the only required color for a cocktail dress, but we know that most designers have taken this dresses to a higher dimension. Nowadays, we can see many women wearing cocktail dresses on any occasion depend on the cut and the material of the dress and the accessorries combo with it. We can see women wearing cocktail dress in red, blue, or pink if you want to stand in the crowd.

One of the most important thing to consider when selecting a cocktail dress is your body type. Let's face it; most of us are not blessed with a supermodel body. Therefore, If you are one of those women that considered to be a top heavy or bottom heavy - it is a must to emphasize your cleavage and your legs. Wear a cocktail dress that is more revealing if your focus is your cleavage. It is more sexier and fashionable to show some of your cleavage. A plunging neckline or a low V-cut will do some trick. But if you prefer to emphasize both your legs and your cleavage, a short cocktail dress that has a plunging neckline will do. However, if your focus is just your legs, you can draw attention by wearing a solid color because it help to give an illusion. A short and sassy cocktail dress rule and sexy.

Accessories will also help to balance the illusion of your body. It is necessary to complete the look. Create your own style, remember confidence on what you wear and the inner beauty will shine through.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wearing a Skirt

Not all women has the confidence to wear a skirt. Well, let's face it. I myself is not confident wearing long skirt but I love wearing miniskirt because I felt it is appropriate on my legs and I look more sexier. But there are many styles that look good and effortless styles on all shapes if we can carry it. There's no reason for us women not to wear a lovely skirt, whether it is long or short. All kinds of skirt looks stylish, very fashionable and elegant on all women with different shapes and sizes. Above all they are easy to wear. Skirt are one of the fierce and fabulous fashion items that never ran out of fashion style and keep on returning every seasons especially during summer.

Here are some cool tips on wearing Skirt:

Know what style of skirt is correct for your age, because it look ridiculous seeing a woman wearing something that is inappropriate to her age.

1. Draw attention to your Legs.
Not all of us a re blessed with perfect legs with skinny and long. If you have some bruises, blemishes, stretchmarks or ingrown hair you can simply wear sheer or opaque tights, leggings or stockings to cover them. If you don't want to wear stockings, blend some sheer highlighting powder or lotion up the front of your legs.

2. To look Curvier
A fitted knee length pencil cut will look great and sophisticated. It is an item that every women should have on her closet. Whether you dress it up, or go for something more casual, pencil skirts can be very figure flattering if worn and accessorized properly
3. When wearing a long Skirt
When selecting a long skirt, choose one that's straight at the hips but flares slightly towards the bottom. Don't go with ultra high heels with a long skirt because high heels tend to throw the proportion of the outfit. Look for straighter skirts that hug your body for a more slimming effect. Pair a dressy fabric with a plain ralph lauren T-shirt for a fresh, yet unexpected, twist.

4. Wearing a Skirt with Tank or T-shirt
A skirt is always functional and versatile! It would look great with a tank top and heels at a party because it provides the look on how it can be worn casually. Whether your favorite v-neck -plain or printed shirt or tank is tuck on your skirt, throw on a long sweater, and slip into some flats for a look that is comfortable, yet totally chic.

5. Fancy Skirt for a Party
A ruffled trim creates an stunning party dress silhouette. The more volume the better.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Womens Ski Clothing

If you want an outdoor sport that requires an appropriate gear, Ski pants is a must to keep you warm and comfortable because it is basic in sport to wear the proper attire. For those women who are serious about ski sport it is more important for them the function but of course they also want to be fashionable to look good on the slopes. Mostly women's ski pants are designed to fit the slightly big & wider female hips. Therefore, women these days do not need to worry because the two factors when it comes on choosing their ski pants are now integrate with excellent functionality with a superb fashion design and perception.

According to Mr. Fagan of Polo Sport "It's important to be functional." When people come to Ralph Lauren to buy ski clothes, they tend to be skeptical about a designer doing this. Although Polo Ralph Lauren is a newcomer to ski wear but as it was expected the designer clothes are highly sophisticated. There are sleek cat suits for women and leather parkas for men. And the most important thing function & fashion are not neglected.

Ski Women Jackets

Women always want the best when it comes to their gear. They often consider on how they will look on the slope. But not only being fashionable, women also consider the quality, functionality and the versality of these ski jackets. Like any other ladies wear, women ski jacket also come in a multitude of style & design that you can choose from. The main purpose is to keep you dry, warm, and comfortable during a full day of skiing.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pantone Fashion Color Trend for Spring 2010

Designers bring the playful spring 2010 for an endless experimentation and creative combination of COLORS. With the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York, and designers released their Spring 2010 designer clothes collections, Pantone, the expert in global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries has officially announced the 2010 fashion color report. The Color report of Pantone for Spring 2010 features the top 10 colors for womens. Such as: turquoise, tomato puree, fusion coral, violet, Tuscany, aurora, mparo blue, pink champagne, dried herb and eucalyptus.
"Now more than ever, women are vigilant when it comes to spending," said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. "Instead of reinventing their wardrobe at the start of each season, consumers want pieces to complement what they already own. Pairing a bold color with a basic piece or freshening up their look with bright accents addresses the need for practicality, as well as fun." The colors of the season can easily be mixed and combined together to create new looks. According to this spring report, Vibrant brights adds the palette perfectly reflects the cheerfulness of the season, Stabilizing the three neutrals round out the palette to create unique, distinctive looks are the basis for a great spring and summer wardrobe.”
Spring and summer naturally evoke feelings of calm, magic that gives the ability to imagine and to change.

1. Amparo Blue - a brighter blue references the ocean & tropical beaches
2. Tropical Turquoise - a brighter, more energetic cousin to crisp navy, round out the blue family with purplish Violet.
3. Sunshine, Aurora yellow -shimmery, & greenish aurora.
4. Fusion Coral - bold and provocative fusion coral.
5. Romantic Violet is reminiscent of Spring blooming
6. Tomato Puree Red
7. Neutrals are comforting but luxurious like the new “bubbly luxury" of Pink Champagne - a dusty rose.
8. Tuscany, a warm beige perfect with Coral or Violet
9. Dried Herb green neutral
10. Cool Eucalyptus - a timeless gray .

Visit to more about Color report for Spring 2010.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Women's HairStyles for Fall 2009

Everyone talks and cares about fashion. Now that summer is finally over it is the best time for us women to upgrade and keep our summer designer clothing think about the brand new hairstyle for fall/winter season. We have seen some great hair style on the runways. This fall 2009 we will notice some hair style that are completely radical and exciting changes however, some of the hair style don't disappear. We can see that some of the fashion hairstyle are from the past trends, we will now see the resurgence this fall 2009.

Many of hairstyle are going to be seen on the front covers of magazines this 2009 fall and not all of them will look great on everyone. So one must choose the hairstyle which suits her appearance and interest.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Janet Jackson Present at the Ralph Lauren Spring 2010 runway

It is hard to miss the Ralph Lauren's 2010 runway collection last Setember 17,2009 at New York fashion week. The theme is all about denim, jacket, boyfriend trousers paired with workwear shirts, menswear vests and newsboy hats; pinstriped three piece suites with T-strap Spectator pumps; and Holly Hobbie housewife dresses with tight bodices and flared skirts, white cotton, and a couple drop-dead gowns were intensely pretty. The collection maybe unusual for the runway but they are still good looking and perfect for everyday wear.

Mr. Ralph Lauren who are aware on how the recession beaten up the fashion industry lift the American spirits. He says: “Hard times seems to sharpen our capacity for idealism and our optimism that tomorrow will be a better day,” he explained. “I am inspired by the character of the worker, the farmer, the cowboy, the pioneer women of the prairies living authentically through challenging times.”

Janet Jackson was also present Ralph Lauren's Spring 2010 Runway presentation at New York Fashion Week on Thursday together with Lauren Bush, Andrew Lauren, Dylan Lauren, Janet Jackson, Ricky Lauren, and David Lauren. Janet Jackson arrived looking stunning with "American Classic" style in a gray cardigan, white button up blouse, tan accent belt, and a dark skirt.

When asked if she had a favorite look, Janet graciously simply answered, "I love then ALL".

Again, Ralph Lauren pulled off another winning runway show.

Ralph Lauren' amazing denim collection for Spring 2010!

Image sourrce: nymag

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Uma Thurman the Angel & Demon Secret of Givenchy Fragrance

Thurman looks angelic and innocent on this TV ads but also seductive. I think that's why this is called ange ou demon. Because she played a 2 different characters which is a sweet and innocent like an angel and the naughty side or the devil. Givenchy's made if perfectly by showing on this ads the paradox of life (the angel & demon)...

They made a perfect choice. I love the ads especially when Uma Thurman picked up the bottle of the new fragrance on her dressing table, spray it and walk on the mirror with her white dress. She look so angelic but when face on the mirror she saw her divilish reflection wearing a black dress.

Will this be the official end of Uma’s Lancôme contract? What will be her next endoresment? Well, let see.

The Givenchy's new floral perfume Ange ou Démon: Le Secret. The fragrance, which has notes of citrus, cranberry, and green tea, will debut in Europe on August 31 and will finally reach the US stores in the Spring 2010. The inticing photos were shot by Mario Testino.

Here's the Givenchy ad the song has already been change. But it was originally entitled "PERSONNE" by Robert.

Now, you have to understand why this Ads has been called the Ange ou Démon. This is the official vedio of the Personne by Robert.

May you be the judge. The music was totally different.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tips on How to Wear your Hats

When buying a hats there are certain things to take into consideration like your figure, the shape of your face and of course the style of your outfit. Also, Make sure you're comfortable wearing a hat! Before buying a hat try first every style and see it in different angles or ask the opinion of others especially the sales lady/sales man because surely they will give you an honest advise. Remember that hats are a fun way to change or enhance your personal style. Consider your lifestyle and everyday activities when choosing a hat or two to add to your everyday wardrobe.
Choose a shapes that work both with your face and body style.
Do not overwhelm or obscure your pretty face if you want to draw attention. For those who have a triangular face or oval face you are lucky because you can wear any kind of hats. For the round or square face broad brim as a brim wider than the face will balance it.
A fedora or an asymmetric hat will work well especially if you consider wearing an earrings. For the oblong face avoid wearing a tall hats. What you need is a feminine softness like feathers or a wide brim to counterbalance the vertical stretch. Avoid wearing your hat as if you are having a second thought on wearing it. Pull it down low on your forehead and wear it with contentedly and with conviction. Always, make sure that your hat balance to your shoulders and the rest of your body and if you are a small woman avoid wearing a larger hats.

Choose a Color that compliments your skin.

Try severals color and select the color that flatters your skin tone because it is the easy way to brigthen your face without wearing any make up. A white hat is stunning and you can wear it with a sassy little feather, and accessorized with a turquoise or onyx.
Be sure you’re wearing the correct size.
When buying hats you have to buy the correct size. Try the hat is the best way to determine which size you should buy. You can measure your head in order to choose the correct size. You can also find a hats that have an adjustable straps.

Above all, choose a hat you feel comfortable to wear. Remember it is all about the "attitude" and Fassion is everything - and the more you wear hats, the better you get at wearing them.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Women Hat Trend for Fall 2009

Now that winter is a few days ahead we need to take care our wellness and at the same time remain trendy even in an icy weather. What we need is the warmth and comfort of an elegant hat. If you are worried that hat will spoil your whole image don't worry because there are great variety of hat styles that allows everyone to have their own. We have seen them on the runways as most of the designers like Prada, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren are mindful of not this winter but this trend can be very fashionable in the spring/summer season.

Beret Hat

This season the Beret is the hottest hat trend. A soft loose crochet or knit is perfect for fall. As it seem to never go out of style and this Autumn-Winter 2009 provide the change to get wild, classy or just have a little fun. You can see beret mostly in gray and black colour. Black beret would be incredibly striking when worn with all black. But we can also see them in different fall colors such as blue, viola and if you are an invironment lover there are an eco-friendly beret.
Fedoras Hat

Fedoras are hot this fall season 2009. It has been around the centuries it was the signature hat style of movie legends like Private eyes, Public enemies. A fedora can totally transform your look because of this playful style and it is
compatible with suits to jeans. This versatile hat ca be worn during the day or in the night and should be worn pulled down
over the head falling right above the eyes.
Cadet Hat

Cadet hat are wildly and become popular in the civilian sector and continue to be one of the most popular hats from the women's fall hat trend for 2009.
Military Hat

Military hat has been the inspiration for fall clothing this season. We have seen them in the runways and this can generally worn for a more casual looks. To finish your look you can wear a polo ralph lauren shirt, jeans, or a cardigan and for sure you'll have a perfect look.

Newsboy Hat

The newsboy hat offered sophistication to the structure and design. Newsboy Cap is not the only name associated with this classic style. For years it has been calling as Touring cap because it is very versatile - You can use it back, on the side, turn around it around for the beret look and top pushed forward. Also, it is portable because you can just roll it up and put it in your pocket.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

FAME & Fashion

When we speak and think about fashion immediately the first thing that comes in our mind are fashion designers and clothes etc. Fashion designers are considered as a celebrities and they tried to become a celebrities because of fame that attached on their names. Therefore, if you want to digg fortune and wanted fame you have to be a designer first because once you reach fame - you are an instant celebrity as well. However, we all know that many are called but few are chosen. Many tried to be a designer but we all know that very few designers are actually reach the glory in the status of being "Fortunate", "Famous" & "celebrity". Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, Tommy Hilfiger, Yves Saint Laurent and many more are one of the few designers who develop their brand name and reach their stardom because of their popular fashion designers brand.
Although, we claimed that designers are among on the celebrity status but still they get famous celebrities and models or any well known personalities to promote new brands. Once a celebrities and models are dressed an array they help designers to promote and publicize thier newly launched brand most especially if the celebrities or models graces on any well known magazine like Elle, Vogue etc.

With these I'm pretty sure that many are dreaming to be a fashion icon to live a glorious life. When I was a kid I'm one of those aspiring fashion designer but without any luck. So, if you one of those, then follow your dream and believe that it will really happen.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mens Jeans for Fall 2009

This fall you can still expect the denim trend to continue. It is a unique blend of perfect clothes for elegant and sophisticated look. Jeans never out of style. We have seen on the runways and the catwalks for this season that jeans are getting leaner and a bit higher waist than the previous year.
This generation jeans become the modern uniforms for men and it ranks priority on the list when do the shopping. I don't know if men out there would love the idea but skinny jeans are definitely the strong trend in men's fashion this season. For those guys who wish to follow this trend to look more hotter and sexy I'm sure you'll get noticed when you pair it with any designer clothing or with a leather coat and you’re good to go. But if you are not comfortable with skinny Jeans or afraid to try this latest fashion I'm sure you would be happy to put on those wide legged pants or trouser, ripped denim, the straight-leg distressed look, that are also hot this season.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Jeans Trend for Fall 2009

The epitome of women's fashion this fall 2009 is skinny Jeans- it's now back in style. A new skinny jeans for fall will allow women to stay comfortable while looking incredibly hot and sexy. Whether it is summer, winter, fall or winter the jeans is never out of style. It always a thing that redefines your fashion statement.

You can topped a designer skinny Jeans with a slouchy sweater, a graphic t-shirt. Or pair it with feminine pieces for a tough feminine look. Or else grab your man's simple black blazer or your own and put it over a graphic ralph lauren t-shirt and some jeans for a casual, sophisticated look. This is extremely a dressy trends.

If you are not comfortable with skinny jeans a different styles go looks ranging from baggy, skinny, boyfriend, boot cuts and flare are trendy as well.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Military Coats Trends 2009

In the first decade of the new millenium the military women's coat label a true fashion trend. Military coat trends returns a makeover each fall, but this year it makes a style statement of its own. We have also seen many celebrities marching the streets with the military inspired coats. These fashion statement provide a sort of fashion armor. Not only do they illustrate the fundamentals of military style, but also they reflect the micro trends of the moment such as cowl funnel necks and the fashion for belting coats. When selecting a military style coat for function and warmth consider all these possibilities. Always make sure that any coat you buy can be buttoned up, just in case one day you find yourself without transport on an extra cold day.

The Military look is accessorized with thigh high and knee high boots, and military-style caps and Russian Cossak hats. Here are the selection of the women's military coats in for autumn winter 2009.

Snow White Peacoats

One of the autumn/winter fashion designer collections this season is bright white coats. It can compliment by any chic & stylish designer clothes for the day or a night. Find your version of button down military jacket for a sophisticated and elegant look. Pick a coat on a mid-thigh for a fresh look and an eye catching finish for your winter combo.

Patent Leather Coats

Glossy patent leather raincoats and belted knee-length jackets are a stylish, figure-flattering addition to your winter wardrobe, and can even make an appearance for the Fall 2009 season ahead.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ripped Stockings and Tights Trends

Times have changed and fashion evolves but it is interesting that no matter how far we go, we always come back. putting a modern spin on vintage styles! From the runway of Alexander Wang to the legs of Mary Kate ripped tights are no longer a fashion faux pas, they are fashion statement. Make them funky to fit your style because what is hot on the 1980's they are now back this fall season.

Once Madonna the Material Girl's torn and tattered image, complete with ripped hose. This look is now revised this fall season on the runway. Many models are using tight, ripped stocking to achieve the hard rock look

If you are pairing the stockings with a cute, short tweed skirt or other ‘office appropriate’ clothing, make sure to also wear jewelry and accessories that clearly let the world know you are not headed off to your cubicle later that morning!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Handbag Trends for Fall 2009

Handbags are one of the essential items for girls/women they can't live without. That's why handbag typically also change like fashion every season. With our era today women needs a handbags that can packed everything from makeup kit to celphones, wallets, laptops and other accessories, while still looking smart and trendy. That's why fashion lovers never failed to watch any catwalk shows or reading fashion magazine to see the latest fashion trends.

In New York fashion Week the Fall handbag trends for 2009 offers a variety of colors such as bold and beautiful, flashy and vibrant amethyst, ruby red, or emerald green to brighten up those gloomy gray days. The handbags doesn't necessarily need to match it your shoes, & to clothes, the important thing the handbag bring a touch of color to your designer clothes outfit.

Shimmering Metallic Style details will definitely add a touch of sparkle and opulence to Fall/Winter 2009 and capture the irresistible look. Oversized bags and totes are also the key styles but one of the hottest bag of the season is embellished handbags. Many handbags designers used chains as strap styles for their bag fall collections.

Other designers like Gucci stayed in a simple yet stylish and elegant.Gucci handbags never failed to be in style. On the other hand Louis Vuitton offers a classic satchel shape with a roomy interior and is one of the top choices for the city girl on the move. So, if you are the woman who are always on the go -the bags that provides lots of compartment & the most functional handbags are the most essential for you while it's offering the excitement but still keeps you fashionable and trendy.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Jewelry Trends for Fall 2009

Every season trends change and the whole wardrobe change too same with the accessories but there are some accessories that never go out of style. If you want to build an awesome fall wardrobe - a right accessories will transform, add style and elegance to any outfit. Whether you are going for a stroll, for a party or in a disco - a jewelry is an important part of an overall look. This fall we have seen in many fashion runways in New York City, London, Milan and Paris a wide range of rocker fashionable oversized multi-chain necklaces embellished with medallions and oversized gemstones. These are the perfect pieces to be incorporated into the dramatic statement necklaces that will be so popular this fall. It add the perfect finishing touch to everything from little black dresses to jeans and tees.
Cuff Bracelets

A bold cuff bracelet can makes a statement on it's own especially if the cuffs are sprinkled with jewels and fabulous stone. They are a timeless classic that are hot every season and will definitely turn your wrists to an extraordinary without breaking your bank account.
Chandelier Earrings

It is definitely the emerging trend that for certain will give you a glamourous style and making you feel a real lady. Earring can be your main and perfect statement accessories because they utterly dramatic. Well, I have to admit I am one of those who love a big earrings because they are flirty, fun and loud. Besides they never go out of style.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Purple Trend

Purple from clothing to accessories is one of the hottest colors for winter 2009. This season if choose a color of dress to your wardrobe make it a purple. In Chinese culture purple is a lucky color, it is the color of wealth and prosperity in Feng Shui. Purple is the color for dreamers because it's enigmatic, & unconventional also it is elegant, luxury, sophistication and for chinese color purple represent royalty, wealthy and power. It has also a feminine and romantic appeal. And that's what you will feel when you wear a regal designer clothing to your body. We have seen hollywood stars with fun purple items like Victoria "Posh" Beckham, Hilarry Duff, Charlize Theron and Rihanna. Even the first lady Michelle Obama has been seen wearing a violet dress. The celebrities sends fashion message of seductiveness, style and a glamorous touch. They look stunning, and gorgeous on their purple evening dresses. Victoria Beckham and Rihanna are sporting for a more bold style and no doubt they knows how to get all the eyes on them.
The mismatched appearance is one of the greatest attraction of this purple trend. Purple mix with red and blue looks good on everyone, in one hue or another. Mix this fall’s regal tones of purple with black and fuschia pink because it also does for every type of woman. Don't be scared on trying a bold style of dress because this purple trend lends itself to novelty as it is. It’s a totally versatile color that really works in most outfits. Regardless of the occasion or destination, the purple dress is sure to make a memorable entrance and it instantly draws attention to anyone wearing it. Wear this trend as an addition to an all-purple ensemble or as an accent to anything else. Purple really incredibly flattering and it does go with everything in your wardrobe this fall! Enjoy but never over indulge! Are you loving the purple trend or are you sick of it?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How to be Fashionable?

Fashion is about You. Oftentimes we heard and read the word fashion, runway, trends, couture, essembles in any well off magazine such as Vogue, etc. However, we lack of understanding the meaning of this word. The word "Fashion" we are not only talking the designers such as Prada and Miu Miu, Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacob, Louis Vuitton and so forth. But fashion is an art form. It is a method of utilizing clothing, accessories and hair sometimes to show or to disguise your true identity. Fashion is always changing, slightly elusive, extremely seductive.It has the power to transform an image and make a social statement.

Each of us can be stylish and fashionable in our own way. Stop being freak by trying to follow all the models on the magazine for the new trends accessories and clothes. If we believe in ourselves we can look far better than we ever thought by the simple collections of our designer clothes and accessories. Start by trying not to dress a lousy everyday. It's okay to have an occasional lazy day by just wearing a jeans or a sweatpants and a sweatshirt but please don't do it everyday because it doesn't portray a tasteful image. When shopping for clothes a general rule of thumb is to keep colors varied. Don't over do it. If you don't have an idea read some fashion blogs & magazine like Vogue because it is a powerful and best-respected fashion magazine in the world for decades and Elle as well but mostly it is more trendy than fashionable, always keep in mind to create your own design and learn how to mix and match.
Sometimes to look more chic we need to forget about the brands. Keep in mind that they are so many designers than Prada, Marc Jacob, Polo Ralph Lauren, Chanel. Stop labeling yourself by the signature clothing you are wearing because people don't care if you are wearing a branded dress or not. Above all respect the fashion and style of other. Don't be conceited if you see other are just following the flow of the crowd. Despite the fact that it's the retro revolt, we can actually pick a piece of an eye catching clothing to get a little attention without looking like you jumped out of an 80's disco!