Thursday, July 30, 2009

Handsome Doug Pickett On Polo Ralph Lauren Summer 2009

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Doug looks soooo yummy in those latest Ralph Lauren Summer 2009 ads pictures and video are available on RL website..He is so gorgeous and smokin hot!, i was lost in his eyes. Handsome Doug Picket is one of the hottest male model of Polo Ralph Lauren. If you're one of those people out there- who are captivated by Doug's mesmirizing blue eyes and kissable lips, as I am- You will read this Biography of Doug, he is so resemble with Prince William.
Doug Pickett is the hottie on the cover of the worldwide distributed ad campaign for Ralph Lauren fragrance Blue. His clean boy-next-door image and the striking resemblance to young Leonardo DiCaprio increasingly raise public fanscination to seeking his idenity. Little do people know, Doug Pickett was still a high school teenager when he was featued in Ralph Lauren ad campaigns.
Having originally planned to go to college to study architecture after high school, Doug Pickett got into modeling when his sister persuaded him to enter a model search contest in his junior year. And soon Doug Pickett was beginning as a model for Abercrombie and Fitch. Bruce Weber who shot A&F introducted him to his first job, as an extra in an ad for the Ralph Lauren clothing line. His charming, good-natured looks led to more bookings and Polo shoots.

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Doug Pickett's overnight success in modeling business is attibuted to more than just his good looks, but also a reflection of his personality and demeanor. While Doug Pickett was still in high school playing varsity basketball and shooting for free throws, he had to deal with more than the usual pressure: a brace of opposition fans chanting "Cover girl". The nickname is a teasing reference to his rise to fame as a model, culminating in a starring role in Ralph Lauren ad campaigns. But Doug remains admirably unfazed. Ironically, it's this unruffled demeanor that top photographers like Bruce Weber find so appealing.
Despite this seemingly glamorous existence, Doug is still enjoys the simple pleasures most: shooting hoops, playing tennis and, of course, video games. After his high school graduation in May 2002, Doug Pickett moved to New York to focus on modeling for the next a few years while taking some college architecture classes in the city. "But I won't be there forever," he says. "At the end of the day, I'm a southern boy. I need greenery!"

Other Information

Suit: 42L / 52

Shirt: 36

Neck: 15.5

Inseam: 34 / 86

Waist: 34 / 86

Shoe: 13.5 / 45.5

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Hobbies: Basketball, Tennis

Biography Source: Hunky Male Celebs

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wearing a Denim Jeans

Denim jeans and attire have been associated with heavy industry to high fashion and become one of the most adaptable, flexible and enduring clothing styles in fashion history. Hollywood stars like Katherine Hepburn aided denim’s progress through fashion in the 70’s. But what of its origins, Denim and Jeans have travelled the world.

For many years jeans were only used as work wear clothes, but by the 1940s they were considered leisure wear in America. Once pop and film stars like Elvis Presley, & James Dean sported them, they became desirable internationally in the 1950s and are associated with rock and roll and pop music. By the 1980s, ripped, frayed and torn jeans were a normal sight. Coloured jeans from white through to pastels were also popular as were stonewashed blue jeans. In the 80s, designer jeans with names like Calvin Klein, Polo Ralph Lauren and Armani among so many fashion designers, became the designer label jeans to be seen wearing. Stone washed jeans became a must-have.Today, Fashion designers clothing all over the world like Ralph Lauren love to wear and design denim jeans. Most of us wear denim jeans every day. Denim, unlike other materials does not shrink or crumple. This means that you can confidently wear all day without having to worry about the ironing of your jeans. Denim is also one of the most comfortable fabrics to carry. I think each of us women are guilty of having too many pairs of jeans. The most essential and versatile in my wardrobe is a fine pair of my skinny dark denim jeans that can either be paired with a pretty top or casual.

Denim jeans popularity has a tripple effect with other items because it can used to make everything from footwear, jackets, bags, skirt, shorts, and you name it. It is particularly important to young people of today because denim is a symbol of youth, vibrancy, and utility. Denim fashion trends typically followed and preferred only by teenagers, but has now found acceptance with the senior citizens as well. They find the fabric of the denim jeans extremely comfortable, exceptionally well fitting and easy to maintain.

Denim was and always hot & is here to stay.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ways To Wear A Scarf

Does anyone of you ever imagine that one item in your wardrobe is the scarf just the right print for your wardrobe and the right weight for your climate. They're inexpensive, available in a wide variety of styles and can offer endless possibilities for enhancing the look of your wardrobe. Scarves have been a part of women's fashion for millennia, with representations of fringed rectangles of fabric found in Chinese sculpture dating as far back as 1000 b. c.

In the last half-century, scarf-wear has evoked an air of Hollywood-style glamour, and sophisticated elegance. Just picture such icons as Lana Turner, Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly arriving for lunch at the Brown Derby, their beauty barely disguised by silk scarves and sunglasses, looking amazingly glamorous.

Traditionally a Scarf-Shawl was worn by women as a sign of modesty, and was also integrated as a dress code in some religions.

Shawls are great fashion accessory to further extend one’s personality. Shawls can be very versatile in the way you dress; it just depends on how you use them. They can be worn during casual or formal events and can be used from summer up to winter. There are different ways to tie a shawl and all of them have their own respective looks to them. Here are a few tips on how to tie a shawl to make you feel beautiful and elegant in an instant.
1. You can't get any easier than this: Just drape it around your neck, and viola! When to do it: When you're wearing a necklace, when you want to break up a mono-chromoatic outfit with a long splash of color. Untied and with loose ends hanging down on both sides of an open jacket/coat.

2.Reverse wrap-around
This is the famous, messy-chic look seen on the streets. Wrap the scarf around your neck towards your back and let the tips hang down your back. Then place each end over the opposite shoulder and make sure not to pull too tight, remember this look is not about perfection or symmetry

3. The cowboy collar
A square scarf is required. Fold the scarf diagonally and make a knot in front

4.The Belt: Add a gay flair to a ralph lauren pants. Pull a long scarf through the belt loops, and knot at casually at the side. Knot a gaily printed scarf around the waist of pants or shirt. Buckle a leather belt over the scarf.
5.Lay flat a square scarf. Bring the top and bottom ends to the middle, doing an envelope fold. Next do another tuck on both ends so it looks like a tie-sash. Next drape it over your neck and, with a scarf ring, secure into a knot three-quarters way through.

These are just some of the tips. Do not feel obliged to follow these rules after all they are just tips. Feel free to mix up styles and colors with your shawl. Fashion is all about making you feel more confident about yourself, adding a little accessory is just an addition of it.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kate Moss

Kate Moss is of one of the most sought model in many designer clothing. has had campaigns with major Italian, French, American, and British designers including Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Versace, Calvin Klein, Roberto Cavalli, Chanel, Missoni, Longchamp, David Yurman, Dior, Yves Saint-Laurent, Burberry,Stella McCartney, Rimmel, and Bvlgari, including a campaign for the successful Brazilian label ELLUS during summer 2000.
I'm thinking if Ralph lauren will get her to be a model but we all know that Kate Moss appeared on many magazine and she wore a Polo ralph lauren clothes. Kate came 2nd on the Forbes top 15 richest supermodels list, estimated earned £9m ($18m) in one year! She is also well known as being notorious for her high-profile relationships and party lifestyle! Not only her career is successful but also her own fashion line for Topshop.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Polo Ralph Lauren is designing Team USA's outfits Again

Polo Ralph Lauren for American Team at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing

Ralph Lauren has signed on to dress the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic teams once again–and the 2010 styles are looking amazing & very promising - extending a deal it entered into with the U.S. Olympic Committee for the Beijing games last year. I think it is absolutely fabulous team uniform! Polo Ralph Lauren will dress the official Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony Parade Outfits for the U.S. Teams for both the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Vancouver and the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games in London.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ralph Lauren Fall-Winter 2009 -2010 Womens

This is definitely an elegant Ralph Lauren clothing line and it is characterized by light fabrics like linen, which enhance the extreme femininity. Polo Ralph Lauren Fall-Winter 2009 -2010 offer a classic style, very delicate and feminine.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Women Denim Vest

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Are you a denim lover? Beside Jeans and Jacket what else do you think can you incorporate into your wardrobe? Does a VEST cross your mind? Why not try a vest? It may sound odds but the thing is you and I need a change in our wardrobe. A denim vest is an easy trend to try. Whatever your style and taste there's a denim vest to complete your look.How to wear a denim vest

Vests are great layering pieces, especially for inbetween weather, e.g is the spring; they are a simple way to add structure or put-togetherness in a simple, unfussy way.
Here are some ways to consider wearing a vest :

Choose a denim vest that is fitted, but not tight. Whether the denim vest will be buttoned when worn is up to you, but most likely Keep it unbuttoned for a look that’s more casual cool. However, try to find a vest that looks good when buttoned, in case you want to wear it that way for more structure over a flowy dress or top.
Layer it over a tank to show off your arms – if you keep it unbuttoned, wear a long, statement necklace.
There are many ways to wear the denim vest trend. You can actually try it over your standard office dress, paired with tights, boots and a long necklace. The look is trendy, but is polished and pulled together. If your work wardrobe is full of dark clothing, choose a vest in a stonewashed or lighter shade to break things up. Remember, the overall look should be intentional, not as if you're trying to pass off a denim vest as a blazer. to keep it modern and chic, is spicing it up with accessories like a belt, hat, jewelry, etc. A denim vest can go in many different directions on the weekend. For running errands, throw it over a fitted tee with slim-fit polo ralph lauren jeans and flats for a look that is fashionable , stylist & casual chic. If you're going out for the evening, try a designer clothing little black dress with pumps and smoky eye makeup for a sophisticated rocker look.
A cowboy look will add more of your personality.

Monday, July 20, 2009

A Newspaper Dress?

Take a look with this hot and beautiful girl dressed with a newspaper.A dress made of newspaper? Sound's like stupid but it's happening. This newspaper clothes are smashingly different, elegant, fashionable and chic. You can absolutely wear this dissolvable paper dress anytime...anywhere. It won't last forever...but who cares? Wear it for a night —then throw it in the air. Now, Forget about sinking a week's hard-earned wages into the perfect dress that you'll only wear once for the party, or a night. Slip into the cheap, eye-catching and completely tossable novelty: the newspaper dress. Dressing was never so carefree. Now, tell me the verdict. Do you still need money to have a beautiful dress? Hahaha, I think I'll give it a try. :D What do you think guys. don't forget to drop your comment.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tips on how to Look Leaner and Thinner

Do you want to look like a model? Well everyone wish to be. To achieve a little taller and leaner body, you have to follow a few simple style tricks that can be used to create a longer, leaner body-line. By learning to select the right styles when shopping, you will be able to visually elongate your torso and lengthen your leg-line. And most of all YOU need to reduce your body fat by doing more moderate-to-vigorous intensity physical activity at least an hour a day.

Here's are some Tips on how to Look Leaner and Thinner

Wearing Heels
When wearing heels you have to accentuate your height by pairing your heels with trousers and jeans that brush the footing of your toes. Even the lift of a low heels paired with the full length of the trouser it can shape your legs too appear long and lean.

Wearing PantsAvoid wide-bottom pants, as they can make you look bigger and buggy than you really are! Rather choose well-cut, tailored, straight-legged pants, ideally without pockets, or with 'hidden' pockets.

Monochrome LookMonochromatic dressing is the most favorte trick of every designer clothing, fashionistas and stylist. Why? Because, This is where a mixture and texture can add richness, interest, elegance and sophistication to any outfit. Wearing just same color from head to toe. A dark color always create a longer and leaner look especially the color black but any dark color is good. However, if you want to wear two colors make sure to wear the darker one at the bottom and the lighter on top. This helps to create an interest without taking away the magic of the "Vertical Line" that makes you look long and lean! Because just above the knee is the universally flattering hemline for most women that create a longer vertical line and visually lengthen legs and give the illusion of added height. Remember when mixing the colors everything should "flow" without interruption from top to toe but always keep it dark.

Wearing Jackets
Choose long-line, single-breasted color navy, brown or black jackets with hidden pockets to create a visual height and slenderness. I'm sure all the clothing designers such as Tom Ford, Tommy Hilfiger, Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and many more would love to embodies your best look. Because they knows how to incorporate flattering cuts, to tastefully accent curves.

Now, examine your attitude when dressing. Remember petite is alway pretty.:)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fashionable Bikinis Flag

Will you stand up and salute, I don't know what will happen?

American Bikini Flag

Canada Bikini Flag

I assumed that like others all of you pretty women out there must be excited about the trends in bikini. However, this is not simply a bikini. It is a most interesting design for a flag. The bikini flag simbolize as a manifestation of personal patriotism. Plus it has the opening of the Declaration of Independence. I believe for those who are wearing this bikini flag it has a significant personal meaning, evolved and became a reflection of patriotism on a national scale. In the name of unity, peace, and the love of country, people and celebrities all across the world wore the flag bikinis in support of their respective country most especially their beloved America, and at once it became an icon.

Italian Bikini Flag

Puerto Rico Bikini Flag

Newfoundland Canada

Switzerland Bikini Flag

Jamaica Bikini Flag

Mexican Bikini Flag
We have seen fans painted with flags on their faces but this year it is on bikinis. This A-list encompasses the sexiest events, the hottest swimwear style as well as the most sought after celebrity bikini flag. Most of the clothing designers has their own bikinis flag design depend on their inspirations and usually play it commercially safe. The horse in Polo Ralph Lauren will certainly promote the patriotism and leap to propel its brand.

United Kingdom Bikini Flag
We bet you would drop dead in a serious nose bleeds after watching the hottest tiniest bikinis flag.

Scotland Bikini Flag
Ireland Bikini Flag
Chinese National Bikini Flag

Bikinis worn by womens are really eye-catching.

Sweden Bikini Flag
France Bikini Flag

Australian Bikini Flag

Texas Bikini Flag

Rebel Bikini Flag

I wish, I'm able to bring you the newest, hottest trendy bikini news from the hottest designers.