Saturday, June 27, 2009

Think Pink Fashion Trend

Break away from black this season. Pink is a leading color for fall in both womenswear and menswear. The fuchsia or pink phenomenon might not age really well. Yet that's precisely the point -- Pink is here today....Pink can seem downright frivolous, whimsical or wilfully ignorant but we seen a resurgence of pink on the catwalks, celebrities wore it and in the shops this season, amid the economic financial crisis – the future may not be that bright, but at least your wardrobe will be. Pink presence creates a lively, enchanting and favorable ambience all around. The Pink color has brought the new wave of fashion and it stands second to red color- symbolizing the romance in mind. Surprisingly most designers like Polo Ralph Lauren welcomes the pink trend remarkably.

Whatever you matched in pink surely it will work. If you pair fuschia jeans worked on blouses and dresses that were otherwise minimal, and ralph lauren pink satin skirts were pared-down in cut, or any designer clothing_ absolutely it is appealing. It’s a cynical sort of romance underscored by a tougher style of femininity, and perfectly will give a menacing modernity because pink represents a certain playfulness and confidence especially if it is worn by men.

It’s such a fab addition to any summer outfit, making it more interesting and anyone can wear pink as long you know how to choose what is best for you. So share your thoughts in the comment box. Would you wear pink? I bet! :)

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  1. i love pink very much!it's my favorite color even though my friends are telling me its too kikay!