Monday, January 11, 2010

Gisele Bündchen to Model Just Weeks After Having Baby

Here's a StyleList New Year's prediction: Supermodel Gisele Bündchen frantically pushing a baby jogger while nibbling on a carrot stick.

How else can you explain the news that Mrs. Tom Brady plans to step in front of the camera scant weeks after the Dec. 8 delivery of her first child, son Benjamin Brady?

We haven't even had time to pick out a baby gift for the celebrity couple and already Bündchen has a new due date. This time with fashion photographer David Sims, who was hired to shoot Gisele for the Brazilian sportswear line Colcci; the supermodel has a contract with the brand.

The Boston Herald is reporting that the shoot will take place at the end of the month in Beantown, where Brady has a standing gig as NFL Quarterback for the New England Patriots (and is resident hottie).

We suspect there's already a recovery team calling the shots for Bündchen; maybe a trainer, a nutritionist, a nanny (or two). If she's too sleep deprived to stick with the program, maybe her postpartum girth will get the same Photoshop treatment her baby bump got in the London Fog ads.

And while we want to imagine her sweating out this shoot, it's likely the genetically blessed supermodel is one of those lucky few who just immediately morphs back into her pre-pregnancy self. Heidi Klum has certainly exhibited that trait.

However, don't expect Bündchen to be as busy as Klum has been since she had her most recent child. The former left a holiday message to fans after Benjamin's birth stating that she is enjoying the "happy time in my life."

And an associate of the model's told People magazine, "It wouldn't surprise me if she [Gisele] gives up most of the business." (Apparently, she's not quitting her day job just yet.)

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