Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mens Neckties for Fall 2009

There's a saying that we are judge the way we dressed. It's the same with the necktie- they said a man necktie can describe who he is. Well, beauty and fashion are not only for women. Men has also the right to look good, fashionable, pampered and straight. By wearing the right shirt, jeans or pants and putting the best shoes will always turn a good looking fellow to a man of character. A perfect necktie can finish any mens outfit. Most men wear ties for work especially if they are working in a multi- national company but there are occasions that need a call to wear a ties - like on a job interview, college and high school graduation, weddings , evening affairs or in any social gathering etc. That is why selecting a necktie is one of the most critical thing. Therefore, when purchasing a necktie consider the fabric. The most recommended tie is silk because the knot and drape better than the polyester. There are lot of neckties with varied colors and patterns which allow you to choose a best design for any occasion. Look for a tie that is slightly darker than the shirt for the highest impact. Find a quality necktie that is both classic and fun, with a solid but distinctive color. This also has a slimming effect; wearing a darker shirt with a lighter tie will make you seem wider than wearing the colors the opposite way. Make sure the tie projects your own personality.

Ties are visually a small detail but there are innumerable way to err with this simple accessory. We all know that many designers nowadays like Ralph Lauren matched the ties to shirts and suits but that doesn't mean that you'll be slave with this. You still have your own freedom to choose and exercise your mix and match ability which means you can still create a much more interesting and multifaceted outfit. Remember to be always proportion. That's what our designer have learned and realized that there's no single design for every man therefore this is also the thing every man should learn. Everything comes in a proportion, because this is one of the most basic aesthetic elements in fashion. This fall a modern ties range from a broad to ultra slim.
Men’s necktie is staple fashion statement. & all you need to solidify your professional look. The necktie is in fact the single most important article a man can wear as a professional, and its powerful effect must not be taken for granted. Because it's one of the most omnipresent men's fashion accessories in the world, wearing ties is a skill that any man can hardly go without.

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