Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ralph Lauren Style Guide

image source: ralph lauren

Ralph Lauren is one of the designer that has been creating "classic" clothing for a decade. If you noticed the more you get contact with polo Ralph Lauren clothing the more you'll become a fan and you'll surely love all the designs put out under his name. Ralph Lauren clothing is well made and durable - This can stand the test of time. Ralph Lauren can dress you as a mod military ball-buster, a player or a classic prep! Always remember...HAVE FUN and EXPLORE!!! because Ralph Lauren is a life-altering guide to the world's best stuff.

Yesterday I stumbled across on RL Magazine and it’s the RL Style Guide. It's so cool where you can find your favorite Questions & Answer. Well, Why not adopt the Ralph Lauren philosophy to look chic and stylish. Here you can find the RL Full Style Guide includes essential segment for the season and a fit guide, but head straight to the RALPH LAUREN Q & A.

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