Saturday, October 17, 2009

Blue is the New Black: Spring/Summer 2010 Collection

Blue has more life and more depth than black because it is the color of the sky on a moonlit night. It is mysterious, moody, classic, timeless, calming, and refreshing. It is charming, classy and elegant when contrasted with pure white Polo Ralph Lauren shirt.

We can conclude this at New York Week for Spring 2010. Blue remains timeless. It can be bold or quiet. Color communicates and transmit a vibe and I believe all the designers now has a feeling for a free spirit. I have completely fallen for the gorgeous colour of these designer clothing where blues is the color of the spring 2010 collection. This blue designer clothing collections are are giving women a good reason to get in shape.

There was a lot of energy overall which created excitement for the new year. This Spring/Summer collection made me feel like a kid. It was fresh, colorful, funky, youthful, I'm imagining how those pro black will react - It will surely overwhelm them or it might be an eye opening for all fashionista.

What do you think of the little blue dress? Will it replace your little black dress? Let us know in comments!


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