Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pearl Jewelry

Pearl jewelry has been popular for centuries and they are describe as classical, stylish and timeless. Wearing pearls make you look elegant and beautiful because pearls has been described as a symbol of beauty and perfection. This spherical jewels from the sea have not only been sought for perfection but have become forever embellished in myths and literature. Pearls are used many times throughout literature being compared to as tears, the treasures of the oceans, and have become almost inseparable with a classic woman's loveliness and adornments. In the late fifteen hundred one of the well known pearl collectress is Mary Queen of Scots which have more than 600 pearls collection. Queen Elizabeth adorned herself with the gems on the day of her wedding, a tradition which has transcended many years and generations. In the literature pearls are being compared to tears, treasures of the ocean, and inseparable with a classic woman's loveliness and adornments.

Pearls formed naturally and the most rare, it take hundred of years to make a pearl, so scarce that most of the spherical gems are cultivated, harvested by human intervention. The beauty and value of the pearl is determined by the luster, size, symmetry and color. The most expensive pearls are perfectly round which is hard to find. Freshwater significantly less than any varieties of pearls because it is the most common type of pearl type. There are several types of pearl like White South Sea pearls which can be found in Myanmar and Indonesia, normally their color is blue, yellow and black, Tahitian pearls are very rare and are unique because the black gems such as this are so unique in color, shape, size and it will take hundred years before you can find a similar pearls. Natural pearls are among the rarest and considered to be completely natural as they take place without the interference of human being. The Akoya pearls which can be found in the East of Japan and China normally their color are white, rose, cream, green and can be used as a chic and fashionable jewelry.

Pearl jewelry will never go out of style. It is always a classy and a traditional wardrobe accessory that will never disappoint. Pearl Jewellery can be worn on any occasion. It is light, inexpensive and really beautiful.

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