Saturday, October 3, 2009

How to Look and Dress Younger?

Accept is or not, Everyone nowadays wanted to look younger, and who is not? The more we get older the more the intense desire to look younger. Everytime we face in the mirror we are worried that there might be some wrinkles started on our face. Of course nobody wanted to get older, let face it deep in our hearts we still longing to be eighteen again. Fortunately, there's always something to do to help you look more younger- That is CHANGE the way you dress. And your wardrobe needs a makeover every season. Get some clothes even it is not a designer clothing as long as you feel comfortable, fashionable and the dress that make you smart but youthful as well.

1. It is important before going out for shopping to browse some of fashion magazine to see what is the latest trends. Magazine are always the great place to research what is in and what will work for you, Also take note on what the celebrities are wearing. We have seen many celebrities who are on their mid thirties or 40's and they all still look chic and fabulous.

2. Always make sure that your fashion statement should be elegant not a "trying hard or wannabe" and totally inappropriate for your age.

3. While you are in the department store just look at the mannequins are wearing because they are the mirror on what is the latest style and hottest trend. or the best way is to ask the sales lady to recommend an outfits for you because most of them are good on assessing clothes based on how they look at your personality & skin tone since they mingle with lots of customers everyday.

4. Lastly, avoid buying clothes that look old and dull colors. Don't go to the Misses section were fashion maybe in style but will tend to have an older look. Keep track of the current trends in fashion and have at least one hot and popular item in your closet.

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