Thursday, May 21, 2009

Finding the Most Flattering Swimsuit Style!

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Are you tempted to cover up at the beach this summer? That's a NO, NO... there are so many designer comfortable swimsuit, confidence-inspiring swimsuits that flatter every body shape and body size.

Well, remember always that no one's body is perfect and everyone looks different in the mirror compared with how they are viewed by other people. If you're feeling out of shape, then you definitely won’t dare to wear that killer swimsuit on the beach of your choice this Summer. Why not try using color combinations and pattern to help you choose the marvelous, fashionable and more flattering swimsuit? Color and pattern play a vital role on how to look good on swimsuit because it can trick the eye visually and will give an illusion of slimmer tummies.

Here are some tips that will help your which swimsuit will naturally enhance the beauty of your body:

*Use blocks of color to divert attention from wide hips or a belly bulge. Wear one-piece suits with a dark-color, Keep in mind that dark color cause an area to recede while lighter ones create fullness. Bright colors also give the illusion of more volume. or you can also wear a solid lower half and a lighter-colored or printed bodice.

* Use the Prints. Printed fabrics can give an illusion on how you actually look in a bathing suit. If you are anxious about being very slim, find a flattering swimsuit with a bold, and breathtaking print in bright colors. It applies both on one piece suits and bikinis. If you're stout and want to play down your size, you can still wear prints but choose a smaller one with a dark background and less contrast. This will give you a slimming effect.

But, if you have a boyish body- You can give a square or boyish figure the appearance of a waist with a one-piece or ralph lauren tankini (a bikini with a top shaped like a tank top) that has a darker color from the crotch to the middle ribs and a lighter color over the chest. Consider a skort'a combination short and skirt'to conceal and divert attention away from a too-round bottom.* If your hips and shoulders are balanced with a defined waist, then you have an hourglass figure. Look for suits that keep the eye busy, or accentuate the waist. All over prints and suits with a pattern at the waistline work best. A one piece is an excellent choice for this shape.

* If you have toned legs and sexy shoulders, flaunt them in a string bikini or cutout one-piece swimsuit.

* Getting a one-piece with a dramatic V-neck will help you avoid looking like you belong on the high school swim team. A bandeau top with subtle details like ruffles will give people the illusion that you have a bust. Stay away from any suits that have padding. The inserts tend to get water-logged which can leave you with an embarrassing situation.

*If you are Pear body shape avoid boy shorts as they will exacerbate curvy hips and thighs. Instead, flaunt your assets by wearing swim bottoms that are have tie or ring sides. These feminine bottoms will sexily show off your hips and thighs without making you look too hippy. Pair the barely-there bottoms with a strapless or halter top, and people will notice your sexy shoulders and waist instead of your voluptuous bottom half.

* Finally, if you want to conceal or flatter big thighs, try choosing a swimsuit with a light-colored, attention-grabbing top and a dark-colored, more demure bottom. Extra detail and light color in the top will draw eyes up and away from your thighs. In addition, always choose a bottom with high-cut legs. The high cut will lengthen the appearance of your legs and stop the swimsuit from cutting across an unflattering part of your body.

I think this is actually fun and very artistic challenge. You can now create the beach body you want to have during this whole summer, or in a cruise trip, poolside activities, fashion shows or just to go swimming. Now, start looking for the most stylish bikini with innovative designs season after season, because polo ralph lauren has it.

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