Sunday, May 31, 2009

Polo Black Perfume by Ralph Lauren

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I am not a cologne lover because I have an allergy but i sometimes wear perfumes especially if it is a lavander. However, I am curious about the designer fragrances created by my favorite designers like Ralph Lauren. Oh, I love buying fragrances for my loveones and I also like to know what kinds of scents my favorite designers are wearing and what new fragrances are coming out.

Last 2005 Polo Black was launched at the designer house of Ralph Lauren. The scent possesses a blend of daring fragrance. No wonder Polo Ralph Lauren Black is inspired by the modern and sexy man who exudes confidence, sophistication and style. A guy who knows how to play with his downtown attitude and urban flair.

Ralph Lauren Polo Black is a daring, woody fragrance that is the new expression of the Polo lifestyle for the modern, urban professional male. Polo Black has a mysterious and sophisticated scent with a bold fusiion of iced mango, silver armoise and patchouli noir. It is also perfect to day time wear.

Polo Black is available at all fine department stores, online stores and of course at


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