Monday, May 18, 2009

Flip Flop Sandals

Whether you call them flip-flops for some country also known as Hawaii Chappals in India, thongs in Australia and Canada, slip-slops in South Africa, jandals in New Zealand and South Pacific or beach shoes etc, are usually flat, backless these top picks in womens range from sporty to classy and will absolutely keep you comfortable and fashionable all spring and summer.

According to the history the vernacular term "flip flop" attributed to them is of recent lineage, and is actually a trademark term owned by a German company who produces them in their product line. The herald to the modern flip flop dates back to ancient cultures, where Egyptians wore these slippers as a sign of royalty and privilege. Some women encrusting their particular sandals with jewels and Pharaohs wearing a style of the sandals that were turned up slightly more than those worn by the common man. The portray of this footwear can be found in ancient Egyptian cave paintings. Footwear in many early cultures was a sign of rank and position in society, and flip flops were certainly no exception.

These versatile shoes are perfect for summer parties or poolside cocktails. You will be amazed at the plethora of flip flop sandals you have available to you. Whether you are looking for something to just wear for comfort or for that special night out, there is a thong sandal for you. You can actually pair it with Jeans with a black or white top, a polo ralph lauren or a grecian gown and a superb ralph lauren earrings, a big bags and a big shade. I'm sure you'll have a glamorous look. And in addition to it flip flops are a versatile and durable form of footwear that are here to stay.

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