Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tips on How to Make Your Fragrance Stay Longer

In applying a perfume you have to consider where, when and how you apply it. There are people who have an allergies on perfumes and I'm not exempted. Sometime's I describe it an evil concentrate especially if I smell a man wearing an AXE perfume. That stuff is vile. They have always given me terrible headaches and made me feel dizzy or light-headed otherwise. But there are many perfume as well that can be very evocative or shall I say almost perfect like the scent of lavander. The scent of Lavander is very lovely and everytime I'm wearing it I feel like I'm on a cloud 9. I love the smell because it is sweet and I never get any headache of it.

Now, if you want a long lasting result, choose the rich in sensual notes such as lavander, chypres with oakmoss and bergamot (Ralph lauren perfume, Femme, Miss Dior) or orientals/ambers with vanilla. I'm sure if you choose a polo ralph lauren perfume/cologne you'll experience falling inlove. Here are some tips on how to help perfumes and colognes scent give an staying power when you wear them.

1. Spray the stuff in the air and walk into it.

2. Rub in a dab of vaseline to the areas that you will be applying perfume to, then spray or dab on the perfume. The vaseline will moisturize the skin which helps hold the perfume longer than dry skin will.

3. Apply fragrance in layers, starting with soap or shower gel, then body lotion or oil, powder, cologne. Refresh your cologne with a fresh sprinkle during the day.

4. The jury's out on this one. Spray your hair with perfume for a lingering effect, although some warn that the alcohol isn't good for your tresses. Another thing is; it helps to lighten the smell if it has the strong scent.

5.Apply fragrance to your pulse points: neck, behind ears, knees, cleavage, wrists, toes, lower back, and even in between your toes.

6. vary your fragrance/cologne so that you won't develop an olfactory fatigue. Your nose will be worn out once it becomes immune to one perfume.

7.Store your fragrance in the box, if possible, stored it away from windows and heat to prevent it from going rancid. Keeping it in a cool, dry area will make the fragrance do what it's supposed to do — make you smell nice and lovely.

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