Thursday, September 24, 2009

Womens Ski Clothing

If you want an outdoor sport that requires an appropriate gear, Ski pants is a must to keep you warm and comfortable because it is basic in sport to wear the proper attire. For those women who are serious about ski sport it is more important for them the function but of course they also want to be fashionable to look good on the slopes. Mostly women's ski pants are designed to fit the slightly big & wider female hips. Therefore, women these days do not need to worry because the two factors when it comes on choosing their ski pants are now integrate with excellent functionality with a superb fashion design and perception.

According to Mr. Fagan of Polo Sport "It's important to be functional." When people come to Ralph Lauren to buy ski clothes, they tend to be skeptical about a designer doing this. Although Polo Ralph Lauren is a newcomer to ski wear but as it was expected the designer clothes are highly sophisticated. There are sleek cat suits for women and leather parkas for men. And the most important thing function & fashion are not neglected.

Ski Women Jackets

Women always want the best when it comes to their gear. They often consider on how they will look on the slope. But not only being fashionable, women also consider the quality, functionality and the versality of these ski jackets. Like any other ladies wear, women ski jacket also come in a multitude of style & design that you can choose from. The main purpose is to keep you dry, warm, and comfortable during a full day of skiing.


  1. In Italy the shoe fashion for the season is reflecting the skiing lifestyle. You see a lot of sherling boots and crepe sole. Those things that make the shoes fashionable but still comfortable and warm! It's important to also look good when visiting the After-ski ;)

  2. Ciao Shoe addicted.

    thank you for your comment and yes, italian are really fashionable.

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  4. That is absolutely true: ski clothing are not only functional, but they now also come in different colours and designs. Thus, women will not find it hard to choose the jackets and salopettes that they want.

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