Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wearing a Skirt

Not all women has the confidence to wear a skirt. Well, let's face it. I myself is not confident wearing long skirt but I love wearing miniskirt because I felt it is appropriate on my legs and I look more sexier. But there are many styles that look good and effortless styles on all shapes if we can carry it. There's no reason for us women not to wear a lovely skirt, whether it is long or short. All kinds of skirt looks stylish, very fashionable and elegant on all women with different shapes and sizes. Above all they are easy to wear. Skirt are one of the fierce and fabulous fashion items that never ran out of fashion style and keep on returning every seasons especially during summer.

Here are some cool tips on wearing Skirt:

Know what style of skirt is correct for your age, because it look ridiculous seeing a woman wearing something that is inappropriate to her age.

1. Draw attention to your Legs.
Not all of us a re blessed with perfect legs with skinny and long. If you have some bruises, blemishes, stretchmarks or ingrown hair you can simply wear sheer or opaque tights, leggings or stockings to cover them. If you don't want to wear stockings, blend some sheer highlighting powder or lotion up the front of your legs.

2. To look Curvier
A fitted knee length pencil cut will look great and sophisticated. It is an item that every women should have on her closet. Whether you dress it up, or go for something more casual, pencil skirts can be very figure flattering if worn and accessorized properly
3. When wearing a long Skirt
When selecting a long skirt, choose one that's straight at the hips but flares slightly towards the bottom. Don't go with ultra high heels with a long skirt because high heels tend to throw the proportion of the outfit. Look for straighter skirts that hug your body for a more slimming effect. Pair a dressy fabric with a plain ralph lauren T-shirt for a fresh, yet unexpected, twist.

4. Wearing a Skirt with Tank or T-shirt
A skirt is always functional and versatile! It would look great with a tank top and heels at a party because it provides the look on how it can be worn casually. Whether your favorite v-neck -plain or printed shirt or tank is tuck on your skirt, throw on a long sweater, and slip into some flats for a look that is comfortable, yet totally chic.

5. Fancy Skirt for a Party
A ruffled trim creates an stunning party dress silhouette. The more volume the better.

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