Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ignacio “Nacho” Figueras is the new face of Ralph Lauren

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Nacho Figueras the world class professional Polo champion is the face of the new Ralph Lauren’s perfume line, The World Of Polo . Already the face of Polo Black, Nacho was recently chosen to represent Polo Modern Reserve and Polo Blue in print and advertising campaigns because he embodies the many facets of today’s modern Polo man.

Born in Argentina in 1977, Nacho developed a love for horses and the game of polo by the age of nine. This hotty, rugged sexy hunk professional Polo started his careers when he was just 17. I really love Polo Ralph Lauren. Why? The main reason to like Ralph Lauren's Polo? Because they have choosen the hot-blooded, tightly muscled, gorgeous male models for their Polo fragrances!

Figueras has competed in many prestigious polo tournaments and is currently Captain of the Blackwatch Polo Team in New York. He has been matched against England’s Prince William and Prince Harry in Great Britain’s Sandhurst Tournament.“I am grateful for the opportunity to pursue my life’s passion, which is playing and advancing the game of polo, and I am truly honored to be the new face of the World of Polo,” says Figueras. “My relationship with the Ralph Lauren brand is precious to me and to have been given this new opportunity to partner with Ralph Lauren Fragrances is a dream come true,” says Figueras.

Nacho’s natural charisma made him the face of Ralph Lauren Black Label clothing and the Polo Black fragrance in 2005. In 2007, Polo Ralph Lauren began sponsoring his Blackwatch team and debuted a line of Blackwatch clothes. In 2009, he was named the face of Polo Modern Reserve and Polo Blue, making him the spokesmodel for The World of Polo.

According to Guillaume de Lesquen, President, Worldwide, Ralph Lauren Fragrances:

Nacho personifies The World of Polo by living the lifestyle represented by each of the fragrances. When he isn’t playing polo in the world’s most prestigious tournaments and promoting its heritage as an ambassador, he is sailing with his young family off the coast of Punta del Este, Uruguay and breeding horses on his ranch outside of Buenos Aires.

Figueras is currently playing for Neil Hirsch’s Blackwatch Polo team in Bridgehampton, New York during the summer and will be in Palm Beach, Florida in time for the winter season. The American Museum of Natural History asked Figueras to donate his Polo equipment for their 2008-1009 exhibit. Figueras and his wife Delfina Blaquier blessed with two adorable kids, Hilario (9) and Aurora (4). Opps.. sorry girls- this tall, dark and handsome is already taken but no worries you can still see him whenever you wish as he graces the Polo Blue, Polo Black, the new Polo Modern Reserve and the Ralph Lauren fragrance trilogy known as "The World of Polo."

Images/Source : Ralph Lauren