Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tips on how to Look Leaner and Thinner

Do you want to look like a model? Well everyone wish to be. To achieve a little taller and leaner body, you have to follow a few simple style tricks that can be used to create a longer, leaner body-line. By learning to select the right styles when shopping, you will be able to visually elongate your torso and lengthen your leg-line. And most of all YOU need to reduce your body fat by doing more moderate-to-vigorous intensity physical activity at least an hour a day.

Here's are some Tips on how to Look Leaner and Thinner

Wearing Heels
When wearing heels you have to accentuate your height by pairing your heels with trousers and jeans that brush the footing of your toes. Even the lift of a low heels paired with the full length of the trouser it can shape your legs too appear long and lean.

Wearing PantsAvoid wide-bottom pants, as they can make you look bigger and buggy than you really are! Rather choose well-cut, tailored, straight-legged pants, ideally without pockets, or with 'hidden' pockets.

Monochrome LookMonochromatic dressing is the most favorte trick of every designer clothing, fashionistas and stylist. Why? Because, This is where a mixture and texture can add richness, interest, elegance and sophistication to any outfit. Wearing just same color from head to toe. A dark color always create a longer and leaner look especially the color black but any dark color is good. However, if you want to wear two colors make sure to wear the darker one at the bottom and the lighter on top. This helps to create an interest without taking away the magic of the "Vertical Line" that makes you look long and lean! Because just above the knee is the universally flattering hemline for most women that create a longer vertical line and visually lengthen legs and give the illusion of added height. Remember when mixing the colors everything should "flow" without interruption from top to toe but always keep it dark.

Wearing Jackets
Choose long-line, single-breasted color navy, brown or black jackets with hidden pockets to create a visual height and slenderness. I'm sure all the clothing designers such as Tom Ford, Tommy Hilfiger, Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and many more would love to embodies your best look. Because they knows how to incorporate flattering cuts, to tastefully accent curves.

Now, examine your attitude when dressing. Remember petite is alway pretty.:)

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