Saturday, July 4, 2009

Quench your Thirst by Designer Cocktails in Town

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Geezzzzzzzz... I wonder what a liquor maker are thinking at the moment. Durn... these designers won't stick on clothes- they even invade now the liquors. We all know that these designers are highly regarded with their creative clothes collection but I what about.... the drinks? Well, these designer knows that drinking will always stay in style. Surely, this is fun because these designers had a chance of experimenting not only in the wardrobe but in the bar as well. This time they are OFF in the runway and they are IN in the bar.

Designers like Tory, Ralph and Marc designed vintage inspired cocktails -Marc Jacobs created an updated mint julep which he called the Marc Mint Martini, while Ralph Lauren put together crushed rasberries, rum, lemon and lime juice to arrive at the delightful Ralph Rasberry Rum Punch. Tory Burch’s bevvie, the Tikki Tini, is the loudest with blends of tropical fruits like mango and pineapple. They’re going to be serving them up at NYC bar Local 138. If you want to find some refreshment you can check it out at the Local 138 located at 138 Ludlow Street, between Rivington and Stanton. I'm pretty sure all those fashionistas in New York will be flocking in at the bar in the Lower East Side to taste the Local 138's summer cocktail menu. Tell me what is your bet on these signature cocktails? I'm pretty sure to give a sip on them all to quench my Thirst in a fashionable way! :)

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