Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer 2009: Belts Fashion Trends

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I believe every woman including me bother & waste a precious time thinking about our waist. Apparently, accentuating your waist will give an illusive appearance to become an ultimate priority because a belt defines the waist by encapsulating the female body. It create contrast and add the finishing touch to your outfit . This summer season our waist is highlighted for the spring summer 2009. Belt are categorized as simple and dull fashion accessories but this belts has emerged out of their stereotypes. It has grown into a fashionable, chic and elegant wrapped on your waist. You can whittle your waistlines with flattering slimmer belts or a wider belts from leather to silk. Pick a pretty patterned web belt or a super leather cincher. You can get the belt at ralph lauren from a bevy of beautiful fashion colors such as black, white, red, brown, orange or gold.

What a beautiful way to add an attribute to your outfit, as well as create an illusion of a narrower waist without using much effort. Skinny belts can be literally worn over anything: plain t-shirt, cardigan, blazer, coat, dress and etc. Keep in mind that wearing a skinny belt and making a right combination is tricky. Henceforth, the real benefit of wearing skinny belt is that you can paired it with any fashion apparel, either casual or formal unlike the wide belt it won't posses such freedom.A wide belt you can wear the belt at your natural waist. You can paired a wide belt with a pencil skirt and some killer heels or with a tunic sweater dress and leggings. Don't be afraid to experiment with different looks, a belt can make all the difference to a great outfit that just needs that extra touch of style. Pop on a high waisted belt with either your vest top or short dress in the Summer seasons for a classic twist on a timeless style. The belt is the centerpiece of your outfit.

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