Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fashionable Bikinis Flag

Will you stand up and salute, I don't know what will happen?

American Bikini Flag

Canada Bikini Flag

I assumed that like others all of you pretty women out there must be excited about the trends in bikini. However, this is not simply a bikini. It is a most interesting design for a flag. The bikini flag simbolize as a manifestation of personal patriotism. Plus it has the opening of the Declaration of Independence. I believe for those who are wearing this bikini flag it has a significant personal meaning, evolved and became a reflection of patriotism on a national scale. In the name of unity, peace, and the love of country, people and celebrities all across the world wore the flag bikinis in support of their respective country most especially their beloved America, and at once it became an icon.

Italian Bikini Flag

Puerto Rico Bikini Flag

Newfoundland Canada

Switzerland Bikini Flag

Jamaica Bikini Flag

Mexican Bikini Flag
We have seen fans painted with flags on their faces but this year it is on bikinis. This A-list encompasses the sexiest events, the hottest swimwear style as well as the most sought after celebrity bikini flag. Most of the clothing designers has their own bikinis flag design depend on their inspirations and usually play it commercially safe. The horse in Polo Ralph Lauren will certainly promote the patriotism and leap to propel its brand.

United Kingdom Bikini Flag
We bet you would drop dead in a serious nose bleeds after watching the hottest tiniest bikinis flag.

Scotland Bikini Flag
Ireland Bikini Flag
Chinese National Bikini Flag

Bikinis worn by womens are really eye-catching.

Sweden Bikini Flag
France Bikini Flag

Australian Bikini Flag

Texas Bikini Flag

Rebel Bikini Flag

I wish, I'm able to bring you the newest, hottest trendy bikini news from the hottest designers.


  1. Who said patriotism couldn't be sexy and hot ? ^^