Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wearing a Playful Ruffled Dress

Does anyone of you think of ruffle dresses? I always find ruffle designer clothing cute and lovely especially if I see other lady wearing it. But if not put together in just the right way, you can wind up looking like a person to avoid or a bird about to fly away. Ruffle is a fantastic dress for summer and can even be worn into late September. To embrace the summery look, pair this dress with some chunky sandals, flat sandals will look just as good, but since the dress is so short, some chunky heels will balance it out. To avoid looking like a juvenile yet young and chic is to pair ruffles with something tailored perhaps with some dark grey or chocolate brown tights, also a lean ralph lauren pants will work. Layer tights under the dress and pair with some really cute ankle boots!! Another perfect pairing since the dress is a mini length. Ankle boots or knee high boots would work too. Throw a fitted blazer, is the best way to go to achieve maximum style impact. But since I am a white lover it is always good to be back on the basic thing. Because on WHITE you don't have to wear colors to looks chic, sophisticated and elegant. Beside white don't choose a time. You can wear it anytime- during daytime, evening and you'll certainly look fabulous and stunning.

Now, that the Ruffles are one of the strongest fashion trends, we are certain that it's not for everyone. However, if you want to follow this trend make sure to be careful when buying a ruffle dress, consider also your body type. Learn how to BALANCE everything. Avoid making the part of your body look bigger. Example, if you have large breasts, don’t wear tiered ruffles over them. Big ruffles on shoulders for example can make already broad shoulders look even bigger. Light ruffling can help to hide a problem area in your stomach, however, getting something that has lots of bulky ruffles can make your stomach look bigger than you may intend. Ruffles definitely add a since of femininity and the air of playfulness to any outfit when done correctly. Men love the look of them, and women can feel glamorous and comfortable at the same time. Look for styles that normally flatter your body type. The decision is in your hand on how to pick that perfect ruffled dress.

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