Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How to be Fashionable?

Fashion is about You. Oftentimes we heard and read the word fashion, runway, trends, couture, essembles in any well off magazine such as Vogue, etc. However, we lack of understanding the meaning of this word. The word "Fashion" we are not only talking the designers such as Prada and Miu Miu, Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacob, Louis Vuitton and so forth. But fashion is an art form. It is a method of utilizing clothing, accessories and hair sometimes to show or to disguise your true identity. Fashion is always changing, slightly elusive, extremely seductive.It has the power to transform an image and make a social statement.

Each of us can be stylish and fashionable in our own way. Stop being freak by trying to follow all the models on the magazine for the new trends accessories and clothes. If we believe in ourselves we can look far better than we ever thought by the simple collections of our designer clothes and accessories. Start by trying not to dress a lousy everyday. It's okay to have an occasional lazy day by just wearing a jeans or a sweatpants and a sweatshirt but please don't do it everyday because it doesn't portray a tasteful image. When shopping for clothes a general rule of thumb is to keep colors varied. Don't over do it. If you don't have an idea read some fashion blogs & magazine like Vogue because it is a powerful and best-respected fashion magazine in the world for decades and Elle as well but mostly it is more trendy than fashionable, always keep in mind to create your own design and learn how to mix and match.
Sometimes to look more chic we need to forget about the brands. Keep in mind that they are so many designers than Prada, Marc Jacob, Polo Ralph Lauren, Chanel. Stop labeling yourself by the signature clothing you are wearing because people don't care if you are wearing a branded dress or not. Above all respect the fashion and style of other. Don't be conceited if you see other are just following the flow of the crowd. Despite the fact that it's the retro revolt, we can actually pick a piece of an eye catching clothing to get a little attention without looking like you jumped out of an 80's disco!

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