Sunday, September 20, 2009

Janet Jackson Present at the Ralph Lauren Spring 2010 runway

It is hard to miss the Ralph Lauren's 2010 runway collection last Setember 17,2009 at New York fashion week. The theme is all about denim, jacket, boyfriend trousers paired with workwear shirts, menswear vests and newsboy hats; pinstriped three piece suites with T-strap Spectator pumps; and Holly Hobbie housewife dresses with tight bodices and flared skirts, white cotton, and a couple drop-dead gowns were intensely pretty. The collection maybe unusual for the runway but they are still good looking and perfect for everyday wear.

Mr. Ralph Lauren who are aware on how the recession beaten up the fashion industry lift the American spirits. He says: “Hard times seems to sharpen our capacity for idealism and our optimism that tomorrow will be a better day,” he explained. “I am inspired by the character of the worker, the farmer, the cowboy, the pioneer women of the prairies living authentically through challenging times.”

Janet Jackson was also present Ralph Lauren's Spring 2010 Runway presentation at New York Fashion Week on Thursday together with Lauren Bush, Andrew Lauren, Dylan Lauren, Janet Jackson, Ricky Lauren, and David Lauren. Janet Jackson arrived looking stunning with "American Classic" style in a gray cardigan, white button up blouse, tan accent belt, and a dark skirt.

When asked if she had a favorite look, Janet graciously simply answered, "I love then ALL".

Again, Ralph Lauren pulled off another winning runway show.

Ralph Lauren' amazing denim collection for Spring 2010!

Image sourrce: nymag

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