Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Women Hat Trend for Fall 2009

Now that winter is a few days ahead we need to take care our wellness and at the same time remain trendy even in an icy weather. What we need is the warmth and comfort of an elegant hat. If you are worried that hat will spoil your whole image don't worry because there are great variety of hat styles that allows everyone to have their own. We have seen them on the runways as most of the designers like Prada, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren are mindful of not this winter but this trend can be very fashionable in the spring/summer season.

Beret Hat

This season the Beret is the hottest hat trend. A soft loose crochet or knit is perfect for fall. As it seem to never go out of style and this Autumn-Winter 2009 provide the change to get wild, classy or just have a little fun. You can see beret mostly in gray and black colour. Black beret would be incredibly striking when worn with all black. But we can also see them in different fall colors such as blue, viola and if you are an invironment lover there are an eco-friendly beret.
Fedoras Hat

Fedoras are hot this fall season 2009. It has been around the centuries it was the signature hat style of movie legends like Private eyes, Public enemies. A fedora can totally transform your look because of this playful style and it is
compatible with suits to jeans. This versatile hat ca be worn during the day or in the night and should be worn pulled down
over the head falling right above the eyes.
Cadet Hat

Cadet hat are wildly and become popular in the civilian sector and continue to be one of the most popular hats from the women's fall hat trend for 2009.
Military Hat

Military hat has been the inspiration for fall clothing this season. We have seen them in the runways and this can generally worn for a more casual looks. To finish your look you can wear a polo ralph lauren shirt, jeans, or a cardigan and for sure you'll have a perfect look.

Newsboy Hat

The newsboy hat offered sophistication to the structure and design. Newsboy Cap is not the only name associated with this classic style. For years it has been calling as Touring cap because it is very versatile - You can use it back, on the side, turn around it around for the beret look and top pushed forward. Also, it is portable because you can just roll it up and put it in your pocket.


  1. Oh, fantastic! Now these folks know how to play dress up.

  2. I enjoyed reading it. I'm supposed to be somewhere else in a minute but I stuck to reading the story.