Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Purple Trend

Purple from clothing to accessories is one of the hottest colors for winter 2009. This season if choose a color of dress to your wardrobe make it a purple. In Chinese culture purple is a lucky color, it is the color of wealth and prosperity in Feng Shui. Purple is the color for dreamers because it's enigmatic, & unconventional also it is elegant, luxury, sophistication and for chinese color purple represent royalty, wealthy and power. It has also a feminine and romantic appeal. And that's what you will feel when you wear a regal designer clothing to your body. We have seen hollywood stars with fun purple items like Victoria "Posh" Beckham, Hilarry Duff, Charlize Theron and Rihanna. Even the first lady Michelle Obama has been seen wearing a violet dress. The celebrities sends fashion message of seductiveness, style and a glamorous touch. They look stunning, and gorgeous on their purple evening dresses. Victoria Beckham and Rihanna are sporting for a more bold style and no doubt they knows how to get all the eyes on them.
The mismatched appearance is one of the greatest attraction of this purple trend. Purple mix with red and blue looks good on everyone, in one hue or another. Mix this fall’s regal tones of purple with black and fuschia pink because it also does for every type of woman. Don't be scared on trying a bold style of dress because this purple trend lends itself to novelty as it is. It’s a totally versatile color that really works in most outfits. Regardless of the occasion or destination, the purple dress is sure to make a memorable entrance and it instantly draws attention to anyone wearing it. Wear this trend as an addition to an all-purple ensemble or as an accent to anything else. Purple really incredibly flattering and it does go with everything in your wardrobe this fall! Enjoy but never over indulge! Are you loving the purple trend or are you sick of it?

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