Sunday, September 13, 2009

FAME & Fashion

When we speak and think about fashion immediately the first thing that comes in our mind are fashion designers and clothes etc. Fashion designers are considered as a celebrities and they tried to become a celebrities because of fame that attached on their names. Therefore, if you want to digg fortune and wanted fame you have to be a designer first because once you reach fame - you are an instant celebrity as well. However, we all know that many are called but few are chosen. Many tried to be a designer but we all know that very few designers are actually reach the glory in the status of being "Fortunate", "Famous" & "celebrity". Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, Tommy Hilfiger, Yves Saint Laurent and many more are one of the few designers who develop their brand name and reach their stardom because of their popular fashion designers brand.
Although, we claimed that designers are among on the celebrity status but still they get famous celebrities and models or any well known personalities to promote new brands. Once a celebrities and models are dressed an array they help designers to promote and publicize thier newly launched brand most especially if the celebrities or models graces on any well known magazine like Elle, Vogue etc.

With these I'm pretty sure that many are dreaming to be a fashion icon to live a glorious life. When I was a kid I'm one of those aspiring fashion designer but without any luck. So, if you one of those, then follow your dream and believe that it will really happen.

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