Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tips on How to Wear your Hats

When buying a hats there are certain things to take into consideration like your figure, the shape of your face and of course the style of your outfit. Also, Make sure you're comfortable wearing a hat! Before buying a hat try first every style and see it in different angles or ask the opinion of others especially the sales lady/sales man because surely they will give you an honest advise. Remember that hats are a fun way to change or enhance your personal style. Consider your lifestyle and everyday activities when choosing a hat or two to add to your everyday wardrobe.
Choose a shapes that work both with your face and body style.
Do not overwhelm or obscure your pretty face if you want to draw attention. For those who have a triangular face or oval face you are lucky because you can wear any kind of hats. For the round or square face broad brim as a brim wider than the face will balance it.
A fedora or an asymmetric hat will work well especially if you consider wearing an earrings. For the oblong face avoid wearing a tall hats. What you need is a feminine softness like feathers or a wide brim to counterbalance the vertical stretch. Avoid wearing your hat as if you are having a second thought on wearing it. Pull it down low on your forehead and wear it with contentedly and with conviction. Always, make sure that your hat balance to your shoulders and the rest of your body and if you are a small woman avoid wearing a larger hats.

Choose a Color that compliments your skin.

Try severals color and select the color that flatters your skin tone because it is the easy way to brigthen your face without wearing any make up. A white hat is stunning and you can wear it with a sassy little feather, and accessorized with a turquoise or onyx.
Be sure you’re wearing the correct size.
When buying hats you have to buy the correct size. Try the hat is the best way to determine which size you should buy. You can measure your head in order to choose the correct size. You can also find a hats that have an adjustable straps.

Above all, choose a hat you feel comfortable to wear. Remember it is all about the "attitude" and Fassion is everything - and the more you wear hats, the better you get at wearing them.


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