Saturday, September 19, 2009

Uma Thurman the Angel & Demon Secret of Givenchy Fragrance

Thurman looks angelic and innocent on this TV ads but also seductive. I think that's why this is called ange ou demon. Because she played a 2 different characters which is a sweet and innocent like an angel and the naughty side or the devil. Givenchy's made if perfectly by showing on this ads the paradox of life (the angel & demon)...

They made a perfect choice. I love the ads especially when Uma Thurman picked up the bottle of the new fragrance on her dressing table, spray it and walk on the mirror with her white dress. She look so angelic but when face on the mirror she saw her divilish reflection wearing a black dress.

Will this be the official end of Uma’s Lancôme contract? What will be her next endoresment? Well, let see.

The Givenchy's new floral perfume Ange ou Démon: Le Secret. The fragrance, which has notes of citrus, cranberry, and green tea, will debut in Europe on August 31 and will finally reach the US stores in the Spring 2010. The inticing photos were shot by Mario Testino.

Here's the Givenchy ad the song has already been change. But it was originally entitled "PERSONNE" by Robert.

Now, you have to understand why this Ads has been called the Ange ou Démon. This is the official vedio of the Personne by Robert.

May you be the judge. The music was totally different.

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